Here comes Amazontube, the alternative to YouTube

Amazon appears to be in the process of making its own platform available to allow users to post videos. The name? Amazontube

YouTube might have a very fierce new competitor very soon. Its name is Amazontube and as you can guess from the name is made by the company of Jeff Bezos. The indiscretion comes from the United States, where Amazon has registered at the Patent Office two new projects: Amazontube and Opentube.

From the description attached to the two projects is possible to outline broadly what Amazon has in mind. Amazontube and Opentube will be two platforms where users will be able to upload original videos ("non-downloadable pre-recorded audio, visual and audiovisual works via wireless networks" reads the original document). But that's not all. Users will also be able to share images, texts and games.

Why Amazon wants to launch Amazontube

It's been a couple of years that Jeff Bezos' company seems intent on launching a platform to host video content created by users, but so far it had always postponed the idea because of the dominant role of YouTube. But after Google's decision to remove YouTube among the applications available for Echo and Fire Tv (to promote their devices), Amazon would seem to have accelerated the creation of the platform. So much so that it has gone to the Patent Office to file the two projects.

In addition, DomainNameWire, a site that collects the names of all sites on the network, has leaked that in recent days Amazon has registered many domains including,, and So it would seem that everything is ready for the landing of the new platform even if for the moment there is a lack of content that would convince users to access the new service. For Amazon it wouldn't even be the first experience in the streaming video sector, having purchased a couple of years ago, a platform where gamers broadcast their performances. How long before we see AmazonTube? It's hard to say, it could take a few months or one or two years. We'll definitely know more in the coming months.