Here is Delta: the app to play Game Boy also on iPhone

A simple app to play on Apple devices the classic titles of Nintendo consoles, such as Pokemon Red Fire or Kirby. Available from 2017

Play Pokemon Red Fire or SuperMario on your iPhone? No, we haven't gone crazy and it's not even too complicated a pastime to have on Apple devices. That's thanks to Delta, a new iOS app that will make it possible to play Game Boy, N64 and Super NES titles.

Playing Game Boy on iPhone.

Having and playing classic Nintendo titles on Apple devices isn't really new. But up until now, getting it done was an expert affair. Also because it was necessary to rely on jailbreak, the procedure to install on iPhone applications not present in the App Store. But now, thanks to the work of GBA4iOS, there's no need to do all that, just download the Delta app and you'll have an emulator of Nintendo's most famous games. The application is not yet present in the Apple Store, but it will be released in early 2017, while the beta version should start circulating at the end of the month.

How the Delta app works

When it was presented, the app was mocked on Twitter by fans of Nintendo games, such as Pokemon or Kirby. No one thought you could play these video games without having to jailbreak your device. Instead, the Delta app succeeded. With the app you can decide whether to play vertically or horizontally, decide the brightness and position of some buttons of the classic Nintendo consoles that will be displayed on the screen

Problems compared to the original consoles

There are obviously some compromises to accept on Delta, considering that you're playing on your smartphone. Above all, the virtual controls don't offer the same feeling as when you press a physical button. And that can make some games like Mario Kart: Super Circuit or F-Zero Maximum Velocity very difficult to play and hard to control. Others, like the Pokémon series or Fire Emblem are better suited for Delta. One major flaw is the absence of multiplayer but at the moment it won't be available play iPhone-to-iPhone, although this may change with time on the app.