Here’s how Xiaomi will solve the problem of autonomy of smartphones

The very powerful batteries are bulky, heavy and ruin the design of smartphones: is there another way to increase the autonomy?

Xiaomi may have found the solution when it comes to autonomy of its smartphones. The solution could be integrated into the next two models, which would be arriving soon since it has already found a trace within the Xiaomi software.

According to the hypothesis that are circulating, to tell the truth very credible, the Chinese company would have taken the road of rapid wireless charging, or batteries of average capacity but rechargeable in extremely fast time. The advantages are many: from the lower weight of the batteries to the smaller size, in order to continue to offer smartphones increasingly handy and practical to use. That of autonomy is a problem that affects all smartphone users, and for this reason, year after year, manufacturers choose to adopt more and more capacious batteries for their devices. But what if the solution to the problem of autonomy of smartphones was another? The idea of Xiaomi, it seems, is to integrate in its next smartphone batteries large but not huge, but allowing wireless charging at high power and speed.

Xiaomi bets on wireless charging

On the question of autonomy Xiaomi may have definitely chosen the way of fast wireless charging, with maximum power established at 67W. To provide what, to all intents and purposes, seems to be a proof of the decision was a member of XDA Developers and well-known tipster, kacskrz, who discovered within the code of the graphical interface MIUI 12.5 a string that would closely relate to the battery issue.

The name of the function found is "keyguard_wireless_strong_charge_67w" and, within it, would appear two code names, namely "star" and "mars". According to XDA, these names should refer to two models whose codes end in K1 (star) and K1A (mars). Such similarity could therefore make you think of the latter as a variant of the former.

Xiaomi, 67W charging in new smartphones?

The 67W wireless fast charging is, that is, the one that should concern the two new Xiaomi smartphones, is undoubtedly faster than the already very powerful 50W standard used today on Xiaomi Mi 11, already launched in China but still absent from international markets.

Of course, if in the near future should pop up the Lite and Pro versions of which there is already much talk, it would not be wrong to think that it could be precisely the two mentioned within the code string. Obviously these are only guesses, at least at the moment, although from the leaker Digital Chat Station has already come the rumor of a company already intent on testing the 80W wireless charging on a new top of the range smartphone. Could it be Xiaomi with its Mi 11 Pro?

Notifications about this would in fact have already leaked, at least on the tests related to 80W wireless charging but, at the state of the art, there are no data that suggest that everything is ready to go into production permanently. It is possible, however, that through a limitation to "only" 67W the company wants to test any issues related to high power, such as overheating, before proceeding with the upgrade.

Xiaomi Mi 11 Pro and Lite: the first at 67W?

Recharging aside, on the model codenamed "star", according to the Telegram group XiaomiUI, there would however already be rumors. It would be precisely the evolved version "Pro" - obviously nothing confirmed by the parent company - and should come with an OLED display with 120Hz refresh rate. On the back, a three-lens camera module, with a 50MP Sony IMX766 main sensor, an ultra-wide-angle lens and, finally, a 48MP 5X optical zoom.

According to the group, the "mars" model could also count on a similar equipment, although these are always suppositions. The wait, in any case, may not be that long: for XiaomiUI the launch of the Pro could come only in a couple of weeks, that is, on February 12, 2021.

A doubt remains, however: if the smartphones with 67 Watt wireless charging will be two, it will be the Mi 11 Lite and Pro or the second will be the current Mi 11 with a software update that "unlocks" fast charging?