Here’s Motorsport, the Football Manager for Formula 1 lovers

The new manager game to manage all the details of a racing team, from the race choices to be given to the drivers to the team's expense budgets

Since the beginning, video games about racing have focused on perfect cars, on tracks and weather conditions as realistic as possible, or on components to try to improve performance. This time with Motorsport Manager we'll be out of the cockpit to better manage a Formula 1 team.

Motorsport, the Football Manager of racing. Goodbye to the ambitions of personal victory. With Motorsport Manager you'll have to manage all the details of a racing team in F1. And it isn't just about taking care of the car and its parts, but also and above all about managing the team's expenses and sponsorships. We'll have to set per-win prizes per grand prize, balance travel expenses, send emails, manage staff and even team catering. And hope the race directors don't find anything suspicious about our stable. Which could cost us fines or penalties.

Winning must be planned

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Motorsport, like many games of its kind, can be very difficult as well as nerve-wracking at first. Winning a race, in fact, during our first few grand prix will not be easy. On the contrary, seeing our drivers constantly slip into the last rows will test our nerves. Even in the race, however, we will have a small margin of influence on our team. We will choose, in fact, both the timing of the pit stops and the compound of the tires. And watch out for mistakes because the drivers' egos are high and the risk of ending up arguing over the radio is just around the corner. And the most significant sponsors arrive only with the first points obtained. No sponsors, no top drivers. No fast drivers, no wins. A vicious circle that only our skill in the details will be able to break.

Intuitive in its complexity

Despite an objective difficulty, at least to those who are not experts in the world of racing, Motorsport is very intuitive and the tutorial helps even newcomers to the genre in a comprehensive manner. And in this sense the developer PLAYSPORT has done a great job. Its intuitive interface comes partly from the game's early days, which was once only usable on Android and iOS mobile. Now instead it will work for PC on Mac, Linux and Microsoft for the price of 35 euros. Among the big flaws is the total absence of rights, unlike the aforementioned Football Manager. So no sponsors like Coca-Cola or Mobil and no Hamilton or Vettel to hire to get big wins.