Here’s on which Realme smartphones Android 11 has already arrived

The first Realme smartphones have already received the Android 11-based UI 2.0, here's what changes and when it will be released for everyone

As widely expected, thanks to the collaboration between Google and the world's largest smartphone manufacturers, just a few days after the release of Android 11 the new mobile operating system is already arriving on some phones from different manufacturers. Today it's the turn of Realme, which has just released Realme UI 2.0 based on Android 11.

The Chinese manufacturer didn't just bring the latest version of Android to its smartphones, but took the opportunity to refresh its graphical interface and introduce some features that users have been waiting for. A little update, a little restyling, then, to please everyone and keep updated (and therefore safe) the devices already sold. Unfortunately, the UI 2.0 is not yet available for all Realme smartphones, but at least the rollout has officially started and users can hope to receive soon Android 11 and the new interface. Here are the main new features introduced by Realme UI 2.0.

Realme UI 2.0: what changes

With Realme UI 2.0 comes advanced Dark Mode management: third-party apps, which have not yet been converted to Dark Mode by their developers, can be forced to use Dark Mode. It's also possible to choose which apps you want to force into Dark Mode, in order to exclude the ones that are causing problems.

In Realme UI 2.0 the app drawer has also changed, allowing you to sort the installed apps by name, when they were installed or by the user's usage. Quando si apre la tendina delle notifiche, poi, con UI 2.0 tutto il resto dello schermo viene offuscato.

Aumentano notevolmente anche le possibilità di personalizzare vari dettagli dell’interfaccia grafica, dallo stile alla forma delle icone, passando dal layout del drawer, dai font usati e dalle varie animazioni.

Su Realme UI 2.0 ci sono anche le “Bubbles“, cioè le bolle per raggruppare le conversazioni introdotte da Android 11, e nuove impostazioni per ottimizzare la carica e la ricarica della batteria dello smartphone durante la notte: è possibile abbassare la potenza del dispositivo nelle ore notturne e usare l’intelligenza artificiale affinché il device impari quali sono i nostri orari preferiti.

Realme UI 2.0: su quali smartphone è già disponibile

UI 2.0 basato su Android 11 è al momento disponibile solo su pochissimi cellulari Realme X50 Pro. Per ora è in fase di test su un centinaio di esemplari, come previsto dal programma di preview di Android 11. We can expect Realme to start official distribution of UI 2.0 in a few weeks.