Here’s the announcement Nintendo: Super Mario Run in March also for Android

The Japanese giant has informed via Twitter that starting in March the most famous plumber of video games will also be available in the Google Play Store

After the success of Super Mario Run on iOS devices Nintendo has decided to "sprint" his most famous character on Android. The official launch of the game on devices with Google's operating system will take place by next March, as stated on Twitter by the same Japanese company.

Super Mario Run arrives on Android. After its launch on December 15 for Apple devices, Super Mario Run has broken all records by exceeding 40 million downloads in a few days. Now Nintendo hopes to shatter all statistics on Android devices, which on paper should offer the Japanese giant even more important numbers. Despite the great expectations, less than two months after the arrival of the most famous plumber of video games on Android, there is no shortage of criticism and some experts cast important shadows on the future of the game, especially when compared to the other big hit title: Pokemon Go.

An unhappy future for Super Mario Run?

The criticism that all, or almost all, iOS users have made to the game is the price. On paper Super Mario Run is free, but if you really want to play, beyond the very first initial levels, and if you want to finish the title you have to pay 10 euros. A figure that seemed disproportionate. It is no coincidence that every ten downloads only one person has then really bought the game. According to experts, this number could even decrease on Android. Users of Google's operating system are not used to paying such high prices for applications and games. And according to statistics they are generally less inclined to buy from the Store than iOS users. In short, a context that casts several shadows on the future of Super Mario Run. Nintendo, however, does not seem intent on changing its pricing policy, at least not in the short term, and expects a new record in March with the release of its flagship title for Android.

(opening video taken from YouTube)

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