Hi-tech gifts to buy for kids. Our selection

To bring children closer to the world of technology in small steps you can buy for Christmas 2016 devices designed specifically for them

During the Christmas period is the first thought of parents and grandparents: what to give their children and grandchildren? Too young to receive the classic Christmas tip, children are always looking for an object that can bewitch and entertain them at the same time.

In recent years the choice falls increasingly on a technological object. Goodbye to the old puppets and plastic Barbies, the new arrivals are technological devices that in most cases connect to the Net and allow children to manage them directly from the application of the smartphone. But not everyone is on board with giving a tablet or IoT device to a child for Christmas 2016. It's the classic clash between apocalyptics and integrators: between those who are in favor of using smartphones and technological objects from an early age and those, instead, who think that they create disturbances in growth.

The world of technology provides a large number of 2.0 toys that will allow children to make their first experiences with devices such as the BB-8 robot from Star Wars or learn the basics of programming with the mini-computer Kano. If you are looking for a Christmas gift for your grandchildren or children, there is no shortage of hi-tech ideas, the important thing is to know how to make the right choice. Browsing through the photogallery, you can take a quick look at the best Christmas gifts 2016 for children


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The first steps in the world of computing are the most important: a wrong approach could compromise the child's relationship with the world of technology. For this reason, an American startup has created Kano, a mini computer based on a Raspberry Pi board that, thanks to its modular structure, allows children to learn the basics of programming. Logically, children will not be faced with complex and unsolvable problems, but everything will be addressed in the form of play and fun. Kano can be purchased on the company's website at a figure close to 150 euros. A smart Christmas 2016 gift that will allow children to approach the world of computing in the best way.

Hue Animation Studio

Hue Animation Studio is a computer software that allows all children from five years old and up (although it is recommended the presence of an adult during the use of the program) to create videos with stop motion animation, the same technology used to make movies like Hens on the Run. The child will have an HD video camera with a built-in microphone to record any type of image, which he can then import to the computer to create his own animation video. The operation is very simple, but adult supervision is required. Your child will learn how to edit the footage and create their own favorite cartoon. Hue Animation Studio can be purchased for about 70 euros on major Italian e-commerce sites.

Kolibree - the electric toothbrush

Brushing teeth properly is important from an early age. But few children like to brush their teeth before bedtime. For desperate parents, the best solution is Kolibree, a toothbrush that connects to users' smartphones and turns tooth brushing into a game. Children can interface with the app available on the mobile device and spend the two minutes of tooth brushing in an alternative way. The electric toothbrush ensures maximum cleaning of the mouth, removing plaque and protecting the gums. Kolibree is an original gift idea for Christmas 2016 recommended especially for those parents who are looking for a toothbrush that will make their children happy. The device can be purchased for slightly less than 100 euros.

Sphero BB-8

Sphero BB-8 is the Christmas 2016 gift that makes both children and parents happy. In fact, the little robot is one of the most beloved characters of Star Wars, legendary sci-fi movie with which entire generations have grown up. In addition to being a very cute and special device, Sphero BB-8 is the ideal object to teach children to use a smart toy. In fact, through the application available for Android and iOS, you can give orders to the little robot. Sphero BB-8 supports natural language and through the Patrol function it is able to move autonomously and jump over obstacles in front of it. The autonomy of the toy is about one hour. Sphero BB-8 can be purchased for about 160 euros on the main Italian e-commerce sites.


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Osmo is a device designed to teach children the basics of Italian, math and geometry through exercises on the iPad. Osmo connects to the tablet made by the Cupertino company and provides five different games, each with different purposes: Tangram, Words, Numbers, Masterpiece and Newton. In addition, there is also a version dedicated exclusively to coding, to teach children the basics of programming. Osmo will allow kids to have fun and learn new notions that will prove very useful during their teenage years. A very unique Christmas 2016 gift idea, but among the few truly educational ones. Osmo can be purchased online for a little over eighty euros. 

My First Clempad

If you care about the education of your children or grandchildren, the hi-tech gift for Christmas 2016 must be a product that is truly useful for their growth path. Such as, for example, Il mio primo Clempad, a tablet designed exclusively for children and made by the leading Italian company in the field of toys for younger kids. The device is based on Android and offers the possibility to download applications directly from the Google Play Store, but parents will find already installed some educational apps made directly by Clementoni. Children will be able to learn letters and numbers through the games available on the tablet and listen to educational programs on the ClemTV YouTube channel. Moreover, thanks to the collaboration with the British Institutes, there are exercises that will allow the child to approach the English language. Parents will be able to monitor their child's activities at any time via the Family System application, which connects the tablet with all the other devices in the family. The price? The Clempad tablet can be purchased for around 100 euros.

Gizmos & Gadgets

Gizmos & Gadgets is a box containing different objects that offer the possibility for the child to build up to 12 different devices. The game is designed to let children express their creativity by using technological objects that require the kid to have some manual skills to create the final device. The kit contains motors, lights, switches and instructions that children will need to follow to complete the construction of one of the twelve available objects. Gizmos & Gadgets can be purchased on Italian e-commerce sites at a price of around 250 euros.

Ozobot Bit

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Ozobot Bit is a small robot that any child can control by drawing simple colored lines on a sheet of paper or through the application available for tablets and smartphones. The device is a 2016 Christmas gift dedicated to children in an age group ranging from 8 to 13 years old. The operation is very simple: by drawing lines on a sheet of paper, the little robot recognizes the different shades and carries out the order given to it. In addition, the child will also be able to manage Ozobot Bit via the application available for both Android and iOS users. In the packaging of the device there are also instructions that explain step by step all the actions that the little robot will be able to perform. Ozobot Bit is not a very cheap gift, the price on e-commerce sites starts almost from 400 euros.

Smart Anatomy

Learning while having fun is the key to give the possibility to our children to learn quite simple notions that will prove to be fundamental during their growth. For this reason, among the technological gift ideas for Christmas 2016 dedicated to our children, Smart Anatomy is one of the best. Smart Anatomy is a toy-shaped human body that interacts with the child and helps him understand how the human organism works. The device consists of a front and a back part that allow you to analyze all the tissues and organs of our body. By touching one of the parts with the smart pen, the device will start explaining all its functions and importance to a person's body. There are more than 600 contents available, while there are 20 activities you can do. Smart Anatomy has a really great value for money and can be purchased for around 60 euros.

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