HiCan, the bed with TV that makes the room smart

Designed by the Italian Hi-Interiors and presented at the Fuori Salone in Milan, this smart bed will help you sleep and rest properly

For some time now, the bedroom has become a "land of conquest" for smart devices and sensors of all kinds. There are, for example, blankets that adjust themselves and make the bed automatically, or those equipped with a dual zone heating system that will avoid arguments between husband and wife in the winter nights.

To these, then, are added the various wearables that monitor the quality of sleep and give indications on how to sleep better and feel more rested in the morning. Completing the bedroom "smart set" are smart alarm clocks and lamps that calculate the hours of sleep you need and gently wake you up. All features that you can find in HiCan, smart bed designed and created by the Italian Hi-Interiors of Gianni and Ivan Tallarico. Presented at Fuori Salone 2018 in Milan, the smart bed promises to make you sleep better thanks to the network of integrated sensors, the ability to become a unicuum with other devices of the smart home and the many features it makes available to users.

How is it and how does it work HiCan

Looking at it from the outside, HiCan is a canopy bed with modern and futuristic lines. The most interesting (and smart) innovations, however, are found inside the "bed area": in the canopy, in fact, dozens and dozens of sensors have been inserted, in addition to LED lights, smart shutters and a projector with a 70-inch screen with connectivity to various streaming services to watch movies online. In short, a combination of health tracking and entertainment that could represent the future of our bedrooms.

Thanks to its technological endowment, HiCan integrates in a single location all the smart features now provided by devices and sensors of various kinds. The smart bed of Hi-Interiors, for example, monitors the quality of your sleep and gives the possibility to consult the data thanks to the app for iOS and Android; studies your circadian rhythms and identifies the best position to make you rest properly and without snoring; remembers the preferred position to sleep, read or watch TV; has smart blinds that provide privacy and prevent morning light from disturbing you in case you want to sleep a little longer; the LED light system inside the canopy can act as a smart alarm clock and wake you up in a gentle way; at the foot of the bed is a 70-inch screen that you can control with the psychic touchscreen located in the headboard of the HiCan. In short, everything you need to sleep without being disturbed and wake up refreshed.

Hi-Interiors, Italian style and creativity at the service of innovation

Hi-Interiors is a start-up born from the will of Ivan and Gianni Tallarico to combine the family's historical expertise in the wood manufacturing industry with a line of products in which design and hi-tech know-how come together to create intelligent furniture, innovating the design sector with a focus on the Internet of Things - the integration between internet connection and everyday objects - and in particular accelerating the Internet of Furniture, in which connectivity is finally applied to furniture.