Higher Level Gaming, here comes the Netflix of eSport

A new platform dedicated to content creators is born: it is called Higher Level Gaming and it offers video on demand and coaching sessions.

There is a new platform in the world of eSports.

It is Higher Level Gaming and it has already been nicknamed the "Netflix of eSport". To join forces were some of the most famous creators in the world of video games and, not surprisingly, Higher Level Gaming is dedicated primarily to those who produce exclusive content, the so-called content creators.

FaZe Apex, Tarzaned, Maniac and Chronodota are the four creators that have given life to the project and that, at the moment, are focusing on Overwatch, League of Legends, Apex Legends and - needless to say - Fortnite (that just for the Creators has organized something on the occasion of the Fortnite World Cup).

For now, available to those who sign up (registration for a trial is free, then you will be asked to subscribe) there are videos on demand and also coaching, but the idea is obviously to expand the offer and everything will depend on the success of the initiative. Among the various proposals, the precedence has therefore been given to educational content, which can therefore also train the viewer and the creators.