Ho Mobile, new feature to spend less abroad

Ho Mobile updates the application and introduces the spending block for surfing from abroad. Here's how to activate it on your smartphone

ho.mobile is one of the latest virtual operators to arrive in Italy. It was created by Vodafone to counter the arrival of Iliad with its super-convenient offers. ho.mobile relies on the Vodafone network, but sets download and upload speed limits for its customers. In these first months of life, the new virtual operator has achieved a good success, thanks to the presence of a dedicated application through which you can make refills and check the counters of minutes and gigs consumed.

Now the application is updated with a new feature very useful: the block spending for surfing from abroad. What is it about? It's an important feature that allows you to manage your spending control when you go abroad. As you know, with the "zero roaming" regulation wanted by the European Union when you go abroad you can use part of the data of your subscription to surf the internet. The amount of gigs depends on a particular formula decided by the EU. Once the limit is exceeded, you pay for every single megabyte you consume. To prevent exorbitant bills, ho.mobile has activated a spending block on the app: once the 60 euro limit has been reached, surfing will be automatically blocked.

How to activate the spending block on the ho.mobile app

The new feature can be managed by each user via the ho.mobile app available for Android and iOS. To check if the spending block is active, you need to update the app to the latest available version and log in with your profile. By pressing on "My offer" and then on "Call and data blocking" you will access a page where you will find the option for the spending block set to 60 euros. The user also has the option to disable this limitation in case he needs to continue surfing from abroad.