Holocaust Remembrance Day: movies and tv series to watch in streaming

January 27th is the day dedicated to the Holocaust: here are some titles to watch and the programming of Sky and NOW TV.

On January 27th, 1945 the Red Army entered the Auschwitz concentration camp freeing the Jews who were imprisoned there and who, since then, could tell the crimes of the Holocaust. To remember this day and, in general, one of the darkest periods of humanity, in 2005 was established the International Day of Remembrance.

The goal is to keep attention high, talking about the subject in different areas so that it becomes a warning for the future. On Netflix and other streaming platforms you can find many titles on the subject: from movies to TV series, up to documentaries. In addition, for the occasion Sky is planning a dedicated schedule that will start on January 25, with many titles that can also be streamed on NOW TV. I contenuti sono di tanti tipi e possono essere usati come spunto per creare lezioni ad hoc nelle scuole o per conoscere nuovi lati della storia.

Settimana della memoria su Sky e NOW TV

Dal 25 al 31 gennaio Sky Cinema Collection è in programma la "Settimana della Memoria", una programmazione dedicata alla Shoa, che include sia film classici, che prime visioni. A tal proposito, sarà possibile guardare la prima tv del film Lezioni di Persiano diretto da Vadim Perelman e presentato all’ultimo Festival di Berlino. La pellicola è ambientata nella Francia occupata dai nazisti nel 1942.

Tra i classici, Sky trasmetterà i seguenti titoli, disponibili in streaming anche su NOW TV:

  • Schindler’s list
  • Jojo Rabbit
  • Storia di una ladra di libri
  • Resistance
  • Woman in gold
  • Il bambino con il pigiama a righe
  • La tregua
  • Il giardino dei Finzi Contini

Mercoledì 27 gennaio, alle 21:15 on Sky Arte there will be the first viewing of The Good Man - the secret letters of Heinrich Himmler. The documentary analyzes the story of one of the main perpetrators of the Nazi horrors.

Day of Remembrance: movies and TV series on Netflix

Also on Netflix you can find several themed films. The Photographer of Mauthausen is a Spanish film that tells the story of Francesc Boix, a photojournalist and communist partisan, imprisoned in the Mauthausen-Gusen concentration camp. He was one of the key witnesses during the Nuremberg Trials.

Bastards Without Glory is the famous film directed by Quentin Tarantino and set in Nazi-occupied France. In 1944, Lieutenant Aldo Raine recruits a special team of eight soldiers, the Basterds, with the mission of flushing out and killing as many Nazis as possible. Riphagen is a film based on a true story, that of Andries Riphagen, a criminal who during the Second World War handed over hundreds of Jews to the Nazis and then stole all their belongings.

Nazi Concentration Camps is a docu-film forbidden to minors under 18 years and tells in a ruthless way the horrors of the Nazi concentration camps, relying on various documents, including video clips, photos, letters and so on. Among the themed TV series, we find the first season of Hitler's Circle of Evil, which tells the story of the Third Reich, from rise to decline.