Honor: after farewell to Huawei, Google services return

The separation from Huawei has put Honor back on track: it is now an independent brand and can re-establish relationships with Google, Microsoft, Qualcomm, Mediatek, AMD, Samsung and Sony.

A few months after the final farewell to Huawei, Honor could return to using Google services for its devices. The confirmation came directly from Honor's CEO, George Zhao Ming, who pointed out that there are currently ongoing negotiations with the Mountain View giant.

With the move to Zhixin New Information Technology, the company that actually acquired the company last November, Honor has definitely freed itself from the constraints that saw it under the aegis of Huawei. If, on the one hand, this position could initially mean a potential access to all the technologies developed by the parent company, after the US sanctions the most evident result has been the blocking of the use of the Android operating system (Huawei can only use the open source version, while preparing the arrival of HarmonyOS) and, with it, of all the services of the collection of APIs and Google apps related to Google Mobile Services. If the negotiation table were to conclude positively, Honor could, however, return to use and implement on its smartphones and tablets all the Big G-branded tools.

Honor, Google integration could return soon

With the farewell to Huawei, Honor could return to the origins and enjoy all the benefits related to the use of Google. Quite a blow no doubt given that, since the ban Huawei received and in light of the sanctions imposed by the United States, the Chinese company's fans have remained large in China, but have declined sharply in the rest of the world.

Unfortunately for Honor, George Zhao Ming has been able to seize the ball. Retaining almost all of his 8,000 employees, including the top seats reflecting the popular saying that reminds us how "a winning team doesn't change," Ming has rolled up his sleeves choosing to aim for a place alongside the big boys in the industry, just like mom Huawei and Apple, and to grow exponentially especially in the huge Chinese market.

Honor, the projects after Huawei

In addition to Google's services and apps, including the store that, without taking anything away from Huawei's AppGallery is definitely richer than the amount of proposals provided by its Chinese counterpart, Honor is also moving to rebuild its production chain. There are in fact several companies with which the house would have opened the negotiation table; among these stand out Qualcomm and Mediatek for the supply of SoC for smartphones, AMD, Samsung and Sony for the laptop hardware and obviously Microsoft for the Windows operating system. In fact, it's recent news about the online storage system called Honor Mail, an important step that along with the willingness to open new physical stores, marks Honor's desire to stand out from the crowd of competitors even without Huawei's push.