Honor at work on two foldable smartphones: what do we know

Honor has resurrected stronger and bolder than ever: according to the latest rumors, the former Huawei company would have in the pipeline as many as two foldable

Honor is quickly back in charge. After the handover from "mother" Huawei, crippled by the consequences of the U.S. ban, to a group of Chinese entrepreneurs, Honor has returned first to breathe and then to shine, even resuming to market smartphones in the West with lots of Google services included.

According to the latest rumors, Honor is already in great shape. You can not define in any other way a manufacturer that in a few months has gone from being considered by some almost doomed to a real resurrection, with the arrival of the Honor 50 in Europe first and with the rumors of the last hours relating to the ongoing development of two foldable, a task certainly not easy in light of the difficulties had by Samsung with the first generations of its Galaxy Z Fold. Honor, however, is alive and is approaching this "second life" with boldness. Here's what we know about the two foldable in the pipeline.

Honor Magic Fold, the latest

The latest rumors about Honor bring to light the existence of two projects on as many foldable smartphones: Honor Magic Fold and Magic Wing. The first, Honor Magic Fold, is the one on which we have the most information, thanks to the incessant work of rumors: it should be a foldable "book", so to mean with the same architecture of Samsung Galaxy Z Fold3 or Huawei Mate X2.

Honor Magic Fold, according to rumors, will have an internal display - the one to "unveil" by opening the smartphone as if it were a book - of 8 inches diagonal and an external one in traditional format of 6.5 inches, with the screens that according to analyst Ross Young would be commissioned to Boe and Visionox.

And if a few rumors about Magic Fold's displays represent "the most information" - as we wrote earlier - let alone what we know about Honor Magic Wing, the second foldable the company would have in development. The point is that the latter project has emerged in recent hours for the first time, effectively catching unprepared the usual informants who usually provide news and anticipations on products in development.

Honor Magic Wing, the latest

"Wing" brings to mind the bold smartphone that LG launched in late 2020, shortly before announcing the closure of the smartphone division. But beyond a designation that could return in a few months, Honor Magic Wing and LG Wing shouldn't have much else in common. The first one should be in fact, almost without a shadow of a doubt, a foldable smartphone, perhaps with a different form factor than the "traditional" folding one.

After all, if it's not a folding one - it would overlap with Honor Magic Fold - there aren't many other options left, so it should be a "clamshell" folding one in the wake of Samsung Galaxy Z Flip3.

It's impossible to unbalance at the moment, in light of the little information available on the two Honor-branded folding ones, on when they might be presented. It seems unlikely that they could arrive by the end of the year, more plausible instead the scenario that leads to a presentation in 2022.