Honor confirms: its smartphones will have Android

An indiscretion casts doubt on the use of Android on Honor's upcoming smartphones. The company doesn't care and promptly denies it

In the last few hours, an indiscretion has cast some shadows on the short-term future of Honor, the brand founded by Huawei several years ago and that has recently been reluctantly sold in order to lift the coffers marked by declining sales and to ensure a future for the same Honor, which was suddenly tinged with gray due to the US measure that has weighed like a boulder on Huawei's balance sheet.

Honor has thus changed hands immediately showing the necessary determination to continue with strength in the market in which it has distinguished itself over the years, that of smartphones. However, recent rumors have questioned the possibility for Honor to be able to use Google's Android system and ecosystem apps, which would have meant encountering difficulties similar to those of Huawei. The same rumor then cast doubt on Honor's chances of climbing back up the ladder outside of China by anticipating a possible major downward revision to its 2021 sales forecast. Honor's reply was not long in coming and it immediately wanted to reassure fans, analysts and investors.

False: no obstacle between Honor and Android

Honor simply reiterated its membership in the official GSMA since a few days, since May 28 to be exact. GSMA is an association that brings together and represents major telecommunications companies, manufacturers of smartphones and electronic "gadgets" and suppliers of components and equipment.

Just on May 28 Honor had commented on the event with a press release in which it explained that it "wants to strengthen strategic partnerships with other GSMA members", a step reiterated again by Honor in recent hours to deny rumors that it would not be able to use Android and consequently not even Google services.

After all, the proposed scenario is consistent with the various collaborations re-established by Honor after its final independence from Huawei, in the crosshairs of the U.S.. The CEO of the company, Zhao Ming, recently said that starting from June, chip supplies will be restored, which is in addition to the partnerships recovered with leading names in the global technology scene such as AMD, Qualcomm, Samsung, Microsoft, Intel, MediaTek (as evidenced by the data sheet of the new Honor Play 5).

And it is also consistent with the rumors arrived in recent weeks. Honor 50 Pro, which is scheduled to launch by the end of the year, will use the Snapdragon 888, the most powerful chip from the world leader (American) Qualcomm, while already by the end of June will be presented part of the Honor 50 range that will arrive with the Qualcomm Snapdragon 778G chip.

The Honor 50 will therefore not only arrive with an Android-based user interface, but also with pre-installed Google apps and services, and will be the first products to do so after the earthquake with the US.

Honor is a major player in the mobile market. It currently has as many as 8,000 people located around the world on its payroll who are responsible for research and development, sales, marketing, component procurement and final product manufacturing.