Honor Magic, the Chinese concept phone that predicts the future

Huawei's satellite company has shown the new device with advanced artificial intelligence will only be sold in China

Honor Magic has finally been unveiled and the most obvious aspect is that the rumors this time didn't get us at all. There will be a camera, double the rear one. As well as on board we also find the speaker. But what makes this smartphone magic?

Honor Magic: the features. Let's start with the design. These are the dimensions of Honor Magic: 146.1 mm x 69.9 mm x 7.8 mm. It weighs about 145 grams, for comparison iPhone 7 4.7-inch weighs 138 grams, while a Galaxy S7 weighs 157 grams. It is available in White Gold and Porcelain colors. Very nice screen that we can define as "full curve". The display is 5 inches AMOLED and has 2K resolution. This is a fair middle ground considering the relative consumption on the battery. On board we find an SoC Kirin 950, an octa-core processor, associated with 4GB of RAM and 64 of internal storage. And on the front there is also a fingerprint sensor.

The cameras

On the back of Honor Magic we find a dual 12 MP camera (f / 2.2), includes auto-focus and is capable of capturing video up to 1080p. It also features a slow-motion mode at 120 frames per second. On the front, however, we have an 8 MP camera (f / 2.0) for selfies and video calls, flanked by an infrared lens for better quality photos even in low light conditions. Both cameras have several features such as professional mode, night mode, beauty mode, panorama, HDR, and many others.

Magic Software

What differentiates this smartphone from others, and makes it magical, is the software. The company has presented it as "the device that predicts the future, because it knows what you need and does it for you." All this is made possible thanks to the built-in artificial intelligence. We will have a personal assistant that can provide us with consistent responses based on different contexts. This is thanks to Smart Service, an Honor service very similar to Google Now. How does it work? If we are on the road, for example, it offers us an always updated guide. Not only on routes and monuments, but also on clubs and events. Or if we're talking about cinema it will recommend the latest titles released, also related to our tastes. But the magic doesn't end there. Thanks to a sensor in the front camera, the WideScreen function recognizes our face. If we take the phone this is activated without touching any button and if we put it back in your pocket it locks. In addition, recognizing our face if a friend takes our smartphone to him will not be shown notifications or some information that we have set as confidential. In addition, the MyPocket feature offers the possibility to have available with a touch music, movies and news.

The Honor Magic battery and price

Aboard this Honor Magic unlike what you might expect we will not find Android Nougat, but is based on Android 6.0. The battery is 2,900 mAh that should allow, even with heavy use, a full day of autonomy. There is also support for fast charging. With 20 minutes of charging you reach 70% while with 10 minutes you get 40%. Honor Magic will enter the market at about 499 euros, but as also confirmed by the company, it will only be sold in the Chinese market.