Honor Vision, the smart TV with built-in camera

Honor has launched the first smart TV with Harmony OS. It mounts an innovative chipset and integrates a pop-up camera. Here are the features

During the Huawei Developers Conference that took place in China from August 9 to 11 there was also room for Honor, the sub-brand of the Chinese company that has been appreciated in recent years for smartphones with excellent value for money. The goal of Honor in the coming years is to continue to grow and conquer new market shares. To do this, it has decided to expand its range of devices. No longer just smartphones, but also televisions. On the stage of the Chinese event was presented Honor Vision, the first smart TV to use HarmonyOS, the new multi-platform operating system developed by Huawei.

Honor Vision is not just a simple smart TV, but fully represents the Huawei-Honor philosophy in the world of technology. It integrates latest generation processors that ensure very high performance, a screen that supports 4K content playback, and a design that is in step with the times. It also has RAM and internal memory to speed up performance. Honor Vision will be available in two different versions and initially it will only be available in China, but soon it should make its debut in Italy as well.

The features of the Honor Vision smart TV

For its first smart TV, Honor decided to focus on the best hardware components available on the market. On board we find three different chipsets that guarantee maximum performance.

Honghu 818 is the chipset dedicated to image processing. It is equipped with seven advanced technologies including HDR, a system for estimating and compensating for image movements, an automatic color control system and one for adjusting volume.

The NPU AI Camera chipset, on the other hand, is a pop-up camera that emerges from the TV's body only at times of need. It integrates a face recognition and posture detection system.

Finally, Honor Vision mounts a Wi-Fi chipset that can support a bandwidth of 160MHz with a download speed of up to 1.7Gbps. This ensures smooth viewing of 4K content downloaded from the network.

The first smart TV with HarmonyOS

Another unique feature of Honor Vision is the presence of the new HarmonyOS operating system made by Huawei. L’OS è pensato appositamente per i dispositivi intelligenti che l’azienda cinese realizzerà nei prossimi anni: smartwatch, smart hub, cuffie, computer e tablet.

Grazie ad HarmonyOS, Honor Vision si trasforma nel centro di intrattenimento domestico con la possibilità di scaricare i contenuti direttamente da Huawei Video o da altre piattaforme analoghe. Inoltre, tramite lo smart TV sarà possibile condividere informazioni con i membri della propria famiglia oppure inviarle ad altri dispositivi dell’ecosistema Huawei. Insomma, un televisore che diventa smart hub della propria abitazione.

Prezzo Honor Vision

Lo smart TV verrà lanciato per il momento solo sul mercato cinese. Saranno disponibili due versioni:

  • 2GB di RAM e 16GB di memoria interna a 3799 yuan (479 euro al cambio attuale)
  • 3GB di RAM e 32GB di memoria interna a 4799 yuan (606 euro al cambio attuale).

Non sono state fornite informazioni per quanto riguarda l’uscita sul mercato europeo e italiano. But it is very likely that the smart TV will arrive in the coming months in our country.