Hopping bot, the robot created by Disney that looks like Tigger

Out of the Pittsburg research labs, it is able to hop and regain balance autonomously, without the intervention of a human controller

Not just cartoons. While waiting to know whether or not it will buy Twitter (many, by now, claim that the marriage will not take place) Disney amazes a bit 'all releasing the video of a small jumping robot looking familiar.

The research and development laboratory of the U.S. entertainment giant has shown, with a video on YouTube, the latest fruit of his intense work. A one-legged robot capable of "self-managing" and moving in open spaces without requiring the intervention of a live user to control its movements. The small automaton, in particular, is able to make jumps of a few tens of centimeters in height and find autonomously the balance so it can continue to move from one side to another. At the moment we do not know what will be the use of the hopping bot, but someone already tries to imagine it.

Leap system

To ensure such a perfect balance is the LEAP system (acronym for linear elastic actuator in parallel and a well thought out pun, since "leap" in Italian translates as jump). It exploits some sensors, a couple of servomotors, two compression springs and an electromagnetic actuator. In this way hopping bot can move in perfect autonomy, without the direct intervention of a controller. At the moment, the hopping robot has an autonomy of just 7 seconds, but this is only the first prototype.

The Tigger look-alike

Although the authors of Hopping bot have not leaked anything about the future use of their hopping robot, many speculate that it could be used for the filming of a movie about Whinnie the Pooh. The movements of the robot, in fact, closely resemble those of Tigger, brotherly friend and co-star of the adventures of the cute teddy bear.

(video taken from YouTube)

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