House of Dragon: the Game of Thrones spin-off about the Targaryens

The prequel to the popular show based on George R. R. Martin's The Chronicles of Ice and Fire is coming. Here's what it will be about and who will be involved

The Iron Throne, which has been over for a year now, is one of the most successful shows of recent years. Based on the literary saga The Chronicles of Ice and Fire by George R. R. Martin, it has accompanied viewers for over 8 seasons.

HBO is now preparing to satisfy fans of the TV series, nostalgic after the controversial ending of the last season. In fact, the production company has decided to produce a spin-off entitled House of Dragon. It will be a prequel set about 300 years before The Iron Throne and will focus on the events of the House of Targaryen. George R.R. Martin will be involved in first person as it has already happened for Games of Thrones. The direction instead is entrusted to Miguel Sapochnik, veteran of the mother series, while in front of the camera we can find some old acquaintances. In short, there are all the conditions to duplicate the success of The Iron Throne. Not to mention that the plot promises to be full of intrigue and twists, elements already appreciated by the loyal audience of the fantasy saga.

What will House of Dragon: the plot

House of Dragon sees among its creators the writer George R. R. Martin and Colony Ryan J. Condal. The spin-off will be based on Fire & Blood, the fantasy novel by Martin himself that tells the events that happen in the first 150 years of history of the house of Daenerys & Co.

The story will therefore be set about 300 years before the events narrated in Games of Thrones. It will follow the events that led to the end of the power of the House Targaryen. According to several anticipations, the events will then be reunited with those of the original series.

Numerous sources have revealed that one of the main moments will be the Dance of Dragon, or the civil war between Targaryen often referred to in the original series.

Cast and production: who will be involved in House of Dragon

In addition to George R. R. Martin, who will surely be in charge of writing some episodes, director Miguel Sapochnik, who was awarded with an Emmy for an episode of the sixth season, will be involved, as well as showrunner.

In the meantime, HBO president Casey Bloys is intent on delving deeper into the world of The Iron Throne, and he's also letting slip some information about future plans:

"We look forward to exploring the origins of House Targaryen and the past history of Westeros with Miguel, Ryan and George."

Maybe in the future we will see further expansions of the TV series, but for confirmations we must wait as always for official communications.

The same goes for the cast: currently little is known about the characters and actors who will play them. Among the certainties is that Paddy Considine (who we have already seen in The Outsider and Peaky Blinders) is the first actor to have officially joined the cast and will play King Viserys Targaryen.

While waiting for further communications, you can watch The Iron Throne on Sky, NOW TV or watch the eighth season on RaiPlay.