How Amazon Audible works

Amazon Audible is a platform dedicated to audiobooks that allows you to listen to your favorite novels. Here's how it works and how much it costs

Amazon's new challenge is called Audible, the service that offers users a catalog of over 50,000 audiobooks that can be listened to at any time from your device (smartphone, tablet, computer, it makes no difference). The audiobook market is experiencing rapid growth in recent years, thanks mainly to the arrival of new ad hoc services. And Amazon, which was born as a book store, could not miss the opportunity to create a platform dedicated exclusively to audiobooks.

The service is designed for those who love to read books, but for work or personal reasons can not carve out an hour to devote to reading a new bestseller. Thanks to audiobooks you can do two things at the same time: listen to the reading of the book and continue working. On Amazon Audible you can choose from a vast catalog of books: novels, thrillers, biographies and audiobooks dedicated to children. Besides, there is no shortage of exclusives, with audiobooks made especially for Amazon Audible. Here's how much it costs and how to subscribe to Amazon Audible.

What is Amazon Audible

Amazon Audible is an online platform dedicated exclusively to audiobooks. Users sign up for the service and can access a catalog of over 50,000 audiobooks read by professional actors.

How to sign up for Amazon Audible

If you are already an Amazon user, you don't need to register with Audible, but you can use your personal profile. Otherwise, you will have to sign up directly from the Amazon Audible site and choose a username and password.

How Amazon Audible works

Amazon Audible is available for any type of device: smartphones, computers and tablets. To start using the service, all you need to do is download the app for free from the Google Play Store or App Store. After completing the installation, you will need to enter the credentials of your Amazon account and choose the audiobook to listen to. As mentioned earlier, the Amazon Audible catalog is really very rich: over 50,000 titles including novels, science fiction books and exclusives made especially for the platform.

Using Amazon Audible is simple: you select the audiobook and playback starts automatically. Some special features are also available: for example, you can add notes at a precise moment of the audiobook, or increase the playback speed to make the listening last less. Audiobooks can also be downloaded for offline listening.

How much does Amazon Audible cost

In contrast to other Amazon services, such as Prime Video, Audible is not included in the Amazon Prime subscription and you need to pay a monthly fee that allows you to have access to the entire catalog of audiobooks. The cost of the monthly subscription to Amazon Audible is 9.99 euros and you can cancel the subscription at any time. For Amazon Prime customers who subscribe to Amazon Audible, the first 90 days are free.