How and why to disable the auto-completion of browsers

Saving your credentials inside your browser is dangerous: hackers could use them to get inside your accounts

Privacy is the most important aspect to defend while surfing online. Most of our information is now on the Net: from personal data to credit cards. To start protecting our security, the first step is to change some settings in the browser.

The browser we use to browse the Internet, be it Chrome, Opera, Safari or Microsoft Edge, saves a lot of information about us. From the simple first and last name to our credit card numbers or domicile data. All these details about our person can be used for auto-completion, which is the function that allows us to fill in all the fields of an online account by simply entering our name or email address. To avoid problems with hackers it is important to disable this feature.

How to disable autocomplete on Chrome

As mentioned the autocomplete feature present on most of the web browsers most used by users is a privacy hazard. To disable the feature on Chrome just press on the menu with three vertical dots that is located in the upper right corner. From here we select the item Settings. At this point we click on the heading Advanced Settings. In the new page that opens we scroll to the section called Passwords and Forms. Here we click on "Autofill Settings" and put the check mark on OFF to disable the service.


On the Safari web browser we need to go into Settings and then Favorites. From the menu that will open we select the item Automatic Compilation. Once in the dedicated section we put the tick on OFF and in this way we will disable the service.

Microsoft Edge

If we use the Microsoft Edge browser we have to go to the menu (the icon with three horizontal dots) after opening a new session. At this point we select the Settings item and a new page will open. From here we click on View Advanced Settings. In the tab that will open we will have to scroll down to the heading Save data entered in the forms. To disable the function we just have to uncheck the item Enabled.


On Opera browser finally we have to go to Settings and Privacy, which is located under the Settings section. From here we need to scroll down to the Auto-complete heading and then click on it. After opening the autocomplete tab we look for the feature called Form Filling and disable the service by moving the checkmark to OFF.