How does Facebook Marketplace work

Marketplace is a section of Facebook, through which all users have the opportunity to write ads to sell goods of all kinds, including cars, houses, but also items for household uses or bags and accessories. It is a real platform to sell online and to have access and sell on Marketplace, or even make purchases, you must be a Facebook member. Each post for sale will consist of pictures of the product, a description, the price and other information on where the product is located.

Selling on Facebook Marketplace, allows you to be able to sell all those items that until now were left to gather dust in your garage or that you were not able to sell on other sites of buying and selling or used items. Each seller can place a maximum of 10 ads that, before being published, will be verified by Facebook and must comply with all the rules and regulations established by the social network. For example, all ads concerning the sale of illegal substances, products containing tobacco and accessories related to their use, or weapons, explosives and ammunition will never be published on Facebook Marketplace. Find out how to use Facebook Marketplace to buy and sell.

How to sell on Marketplace using a smartphone

If you don't have a desktop computer, you can still make sales on Marketplace through your smartphone or tablet, the procedure is the same. The first thing to do is download the Facebook application on your device, after searching for it in the store. If you have an Android device, you can download it from the Play Store, but if you have an iOS device, you'll have to download it from the App Store. If you are not already registered on Facebook, you will have to create your account by filling out the appropriate fields and register. If you already have an account, you can sign in with your data. Now enter the Marketplace.

To write your first advertisement for the sale of a product, you have to click on the top left of the screen on "Sell" and indicate what kind of product it is, choosing from the available options: for example you will find "Articles", "Vehicles", "Houses for sale or rent". A new screen will open where you can insert images of the product, by clicking on "Add Photo": the system gives you the possibility to insert a maximum of 10 images. In the section "Title", you will have to insert a name for the sale ad and then in the section "Price", you will have to indicate the price at which you intend to sell the product. If you think it is necessary, you can use a drop-down menu to enter the category to which the product belongs, as well as the place where the product is located and a brief written description.

When selling a good or an object, you will be able to choose whether or not to offer shipping, by moving the lever to ON or OFF, which is located next to the "Offer shipping". You will also be able to choose to insert tags to mark the sale announcement, by inserting them in the "Product Tags" section. Used in this context, tags can make searching easier. To continue, click on "next" at the top right.

The ad you just created can also be shared on your personal profile, if you want. You can do this by checking the box at the top of the screen, next to the words "Your Profile". Another option will allow you to publish your sale ad, as well as on Marketplace, also on other buying and selling groups already existing on Facebook, which will be suggested to you in the "Suggested groups" section. To do so, you will have to click on the "+" button that you will find next to the name of each recommended group. You should be aware that some groups are closed, so before you can post your ad you will have to first make a request to become a member of the group.

When your ad is published, you will find it in the Marketplace Facebook home page and it can be viewed by all Facebook users. Those interested, will have the opportunity to get in touch with you privately, through Facebook Messanger. They will write the questions or requests they want to ask you in the "Send a message to the seller" section, and you will be able to read and answer them through Facebook Messanger. If you do not want to use this app, you can still read the messages through the "Mail" section of Marketplace, which you will find at the top of the screen, on the main screen.

Also in that part of the main screen you'll find the section "Your ads", where you can make changes to your sale announcement, or notify that your item has been sold, then delete the announcement or share it on other groups.

How to sell on Marketplace using your computer

Selling on Marketplace is also possible through the official Facebook website or through the desktop app. Once you log in and enter Facebook, you'll have to select the Marketplace icon, which you'll find on the left and then click on the "Sell Something" item to place your ad. You will be able to enter the title of your ad in the section "What do you sell?", in the section "Price" indicate the amount of money you want to sell your product and check the location of the object. Through the item "Select a category" you can choose the category to which your product belongs and then create a description in the field "Describe your item". To add photos, click on "+" and attach a maximum of 10. Click "Next" to continue and choose whether to publish your ad on other groups in which you are registered. To post your ad, click on "Post".

Your ad will now be visible on the Marketplace home page and all users can see it and can contact you exactly as they can from their smartphone. At the top of the screen, on the left of the Facebook Marketplace home page, by clicking on "Sale", you will be able to manage all your ads, for example mark them as sold, if you have made a sale, or as suspended, if the sale is suspended. You can at the same time edit or delete them by clicking on the pencil symbol.

If you are a company and sell on Marketplace as a page

Companies can use Marketplace to advertise their business and their articles, thus reaching more people, even if they do not publish directly on Marketplace. They can show customers all of their items through Marketplace directly from the shop on the company's page, without ever leaving the Facebook app and showing all of their products at retail.

Facebook Marketplace Support

If you're experiencing any difficulties with posting a product sales ad or otherwise, you can consult Facebook's support center page to try to solve your problem. Here you will find all the information in detail about all the functions of the social network. To search for your solution quickly, you can type in the search field a keyword that relates to your problem and choose from the topics that will be suggested by the search.