How has WhatsApp changed in 2017

There are so many new features launched by WhatsApp in 2017: from statuses that last 24 hours, to two-step verification to file transfer

WhatsApp has numerous features, but the most important one is one: the ability to continuously innovate. If it were not so, it would hardly be the most popular instant messaging application, as also confirmed by the billion of users who use it every day.

In a particular way, probably also to keep up with the numerous competitors, in 2017 there were really many changes introduced by the application purchased by Facebook. Some of these changes are known and more obvious, while others are not. One of the most controversial features, so much so that it pushed WhatsApp to take a sort of step back because of the protests, were the Snapchat-style statuses. A feature, which has peeped since last February, which allows users to update their statuses with temporary photos and videos lasting 24 hours. And that's not all. There were, in fact, other interesting innovations.

Media file sharing

Not everyone realized that WhatsApp brought, with one of the updates released during 2017, the sharing of multiple media files to 30. So it means that today users of the app with the green logo can send many more photos and videos at the same time, compared to the limit of 10 provided before the introduction of the update.

File Transfer

Another important novelty launched quietly by WhatsApp is the one that allows you to send and receive any type of file. The messaging app, in fact, supports not only documents, images, videos and voice messages, but also other formats, including compressed APK files.

Function to delete messages

It has been talked about for months now and the numerous rumors, also supported by some leaks, continue to say that WhatsApp by the end of 2017 will launch "Revoke", a feature to allow users to delete messages sent by mistake. The feature, if it is introduced, will allow users to delete content that was inadvertently (and forever) forwarded from recipients' devices.

Two-step verification

After first testing it in 2016, WhatsApp starting early in the new year has definitely launched two-step authentication, a security system (if activated) that requires a six-digit PIN code to be entered each time the app is installed, in addition to the verification message. In this way, two-step authentication reduces the risks of a user's account being activated by an attacker.

Streaming YouTube

Many are claiming that WhatsApp is reportedly testing a feature for streaming YouTube videos. Basically, users will have the ability to watch a clip directly in the app. Always considering the rumors, the feature will allow the fruition of the videos either in the form of picture-in-picture, that is, overlapping the content to the chat, or in full screen. Thanks to the new feature, there will be no more need to exit WhatsApp to see a YouTube movie.

Offline messaging for iPhone

Although on Android the feature has been present for a long time already, on iOS it arrived only at the beginning of 2017. We are talking about the service through which you can send messages with WhatsApp even offline or when the connection is not optimal. Then, the app will transfer the content as soon as the internet becomes available again.

Filters and videos visible in downloads

Although only available to users in possession of an iPhone - on Android they are still in the testing phase - WhatsApp has introduced a series of features that allow you to add filters to images taken or present in the gallery. As well as only Apple users can take advantage -on the green robot the feature is present only in the beta version of the app - of the service that allows you to group photos and videos in an album. And always only on iOS at the moment you can view videos received in advance before the download is finished.

Night Mode and Siri

Still continuing with the novelties launched by WhatsApp for iOS, users of the bitten apple can take photos even when the ambient light is low thanks to Night Mode, automatically activated by the brightness sensor. In addition, the messaging app allows Siri to read incoming messages.

Other new features

WhatsApp has also introduced other new features without making much noise. Improvements have been made to the chats. For example, with one of the Android updates, the messaging app moved the file sharing button (the one shaped like a paperclip) to the bottom right and separated calls from video calls.