How Iliad works

Just arrived on the Italian market, Iliad has to face a very fierce competition. Here's how its services work

Entering an already established and ultra-competitive market, with dozens of possible competitors ready to "wage war" on you is not an easy choice at all. On the contrary: all the data and reasoning would suggest the exact opposite. The French of Iliad, who since last May 29, 2018 have "turned on" their repeaters and have become a new Italian mobile operator, were not of this opinion.

The strategy put in place by the French operator is, from a commercial point of view, very interesting: the Iliad offer provides unlimited calls and SMS and 30 gigabytes of data connection at a cost of 5.99 euros per month. It's almost natural to wonder, given the very advantageous phone rate, how Iliad works in terms of signal coverage and surfing speed (the aspects that interest the vast majority of users in our country, in addition to Iliad apps). Let's see together what is the state of the art about three weeks after the launch of the new operator.

How to check Ilaid network coverage

The Iliad network bases its strength on the old antennas divested by Wind and Tre following the merger between the two historic mobile operators. It is, therefore, a structured and widespread network, that the French operator wants to integrate over time to improve signal coverage and get to cover the entire country and the entire population. While waiting for the works to be completed, Iliad has however made an agreement with Wind-Tre to use its network in roaming, as if it were one of the many virtual operators present in the Italian mobile market. At the moment, Ilaid's network coverage can be considered more than discreet, especially in large cities and in areas of high population density. Of course, it is not at the level of competitors more structured and active in the Italian market for many years, but to be a new entry with not even a month of life we can not complain. To check Iliad signal coverage you can consult the interactive map created by the same operator and freely accessible on its website.

How does Iliad get reception

If you're wondering how Iliad gets reception in Rome, Milan, Naples or Florence (as well as in other major Italian cities) you don't have to worry: the same argument just made for Iliad network coverage applies. If you live - or work - in a big city, you'll have a more than sufficient service: in these realities, in fact, Iliad takes well (and works well), providing connection speeds lower, but not much, than those of its direct competitors. It is in the small towns and suburbs that the French phone operator must work to improve signal quality and connection speed: here the Iliad network is not yet very extensive and widespread and it may happen to have difficulty surfing the Net.