How it works and how much it costs Apple’s podcast subscription

Unannounced in April, the monthly and weekly subscription plans to Apple's Premium Podcasts have finally arrived also in Italy.


Giuseppe Croce Journalist

Peppe Croce, journalist since 2008, deals with electronic devices and new technologies applied to the automotive world. He joined Libero Tecnologia in 2018.

For Apple Podcasts, it's time for premium subscriptions. With a range of benefits for listeners, Cupertino is launching the new service dedicated to many markets worldwide, including Italy. With prices that vary according to the proposals but always with weekly and monthly formula, here's what to expect.

It was supposed to debut during the last month of May but, after a delay of a few weeks, the premium subscription made its debut allowing a large portion of users to subscribe to the paid option for those contents considered particularly interesting and valid. Similarly, those who find themselves browsing through the dedicated app can come across channels, i.e. lists of podcasts compiled by Apple, so as to be able to keep a constant eye on the offer and not miss a single one of the new productions available on Cupertino's audio platform.

Apple Podcasts, how the subscription works

Activating a premium subscription to Apple Podcasts is quick and simple, since everything takes place through the page reserved for the specific product. Once inside, simply tap on the "Subscribe" button present and clearly visible in the user interface, authenticating with your Apple ID where required.

Each creator can set the price to pay, usually between 0.99 euros and 4.99 euros for a time that can vary from a week to a month. Bonuses reserved for subscribers include special exclusive episodes, priority access to broadcasts and ad-free listening to clips. To cancel the subscription, simply open the Settings of your device, accessing the section Apple ID > Subscriptions; the charge is made automatically when it expires, so it is better to proceed with the operation at least one day before the predetermined date.

Apple Podcasts, who are the main creators

There are over 170 countries where you can take advantage of Apple Podcast subscriptions. Among the most famous creators who have already confirmed their participation in the industry giant are Sony Music Entertainment, Pushkin Industries, PRX's Radiotopia and QCODE, Los Angeles Times and many others. There is little news from the Italian wing of the "premium" panorama, but it won't be long before it arrives, given Apple's ability to attract creators.

In any case, the deduction on Cupertino's productions is rather high, equal to 30% on the first year's enrollment and 15% in the following years. A figure that could discourage lesser-known creators despite valuable content.