How many devices can you use on Amazon Prime Video

In this article you'll discover some useful information about Amazon Prime Video, how many devices you can use at the same time and how to register them.

What could be more satisfying than enjoying some healthy and well-deserved relaxation thanks to the on-demand entertainment available on streaming platforms? Directly from your home, without invasive advertising interruptions and choosing times and hours for the fruition. Among the most popular on-demand services, Amazon Prime Video is the streaming platform of the giant Amazon, included in the Prime subscription and among the most convenient in circulation, with a monthly cost of 3.99 euros. If you're already an Amazon customer and need to find out how many devices you can use on Prime Video, after registering, here's some useful info.

How to use Amazon Prime Video

Prime Video is one of the on-demand streaming services increasingly popular and appreciated by users around the world, with a rich offer that includes hundreds of movies, TV series and documentaries of all kinds, for all ages and in various languages. An extensive catalog that is always up-to-date and of high quality, also enriched by exclusive content produced by Amazon Original. To become part of the varied world of Prime Video and access the platform, you must have an account on and have a Prime subscription activated.

This is the famous Amazon "package" that provides many benefits on the purchase and shipping of products, ad hoc offers and free delivery for some items, along with access to Amazon Prime Music, Audible and Amazon Prime Reading. For those who are not Prime subscribers, you can experience the Amazon Prime Video option for 30 days for free, and after the trial period is over, the subscription will automatically renew. And, in any case, the subscription can be taken off at any time. Once you have access to the subscription, the rich catalog of Prime Video will be available with all its benefits and the latest offers available. You'll have, therefore, free access to watching streaming videos, buying and renting content and with the possibility to watch in offline mode the videos you want, after downloading them.

How to register your devices to Amazon Prime Video

As you know, you can access Prime Video on multiple devices and the procedure is really simple. From your computer you have to connect to and enter the credentials with which you are registered to the Prime service, while to connect from your mobile device you will have to download the Amazon Prime Video app and proceed with the login. You can also use Prime Video through the app on tablets, SmartBoxes, Consoles (Playstation or Xbox), Amazon Fire TV Stick, Sky Q and Smart TVs of various brands. Prime Video can also be used with Google Chromecast, Chromecast with Google TV, Apple TV and Airplay. What you'll have to do is simply add your account information.

How many devices to use simultaneously on Amazon Prime Video

As far as Amazon Prime Video policy is concerned, there is no maximum number of devices that can be associated with an account, but there are some minor limitations when it comes to accessing the Prime Video service. If you're wondering on how many devices you can stream using Amazon Prime Video it's quickly said: the official answer is 3 devices with the same account. You can, therefore, use Amazon Prime Video at the same time on 3 different devices of your choice from the ones listed above to watch a title in the catalog, but you can't watch the same streaming content on more than two devices.

In addition to the streaming option, Prime also allows the download option for some purchased video content that can be run on 4 compatible devices, such as Fire tablets (except first-generation Kindle Fire) and Android and iOS devices. After downloading the purchased video, you can also proceed with streaming the video according to the conditions explained above. As for streaming a rental content, this will be possible, however, on only one device at a time. Same thing for downloading the rented video. It may happen, especially in the family, between roommates, or when you live at a distance, to connect with another device, to continue to watch a movie or an episode of your favorite TV series, coming to add a fourth account, perhaps unknowingly. You'll probably be able to see frames of the content in question, but you'll get an error message that will interrupt your viewing.