How many Instagram Stories to post each day

Being an influencer can be easier if we follow a few rules, for example to be successful on Instagram there is a number of Stories to post per day

Can being an influencer be an exact science? Apparently so. To be successful on social media maybe it's not only enough to be original in our content, but also to follow some standard rules. For example, how many Stories should be published per day to have a good following on Instagram?

This is the question that asked Steve Rousseau on the portal Digg. In the end, is there a recommended number of Stories to publish per day on Instagram? The answer is yes. Many people make the mistake of posting so many stories to always be on the Instagram Stories view bar of their followers. But the risk in this case is to ammorbare with content, not always very interesting, our followers. With the risk that someone stops following us. On the contrary, posting a few stories a day or a long time apart runs the opposite risk. That is, not appearing consistently in the search bar of the most viewed stories. And in this case it will be very difficult to create interaction with our followers and increase the number of followers.

The perfect number of Stories to post per day on Instagram

According to the study by  Steve Rousseau the perfect number of Stories to post every day on Instagram is 3. But how was this result arrived at? Simple with a series of mathematical calculations. According to the calculations of Steve Rousseau in the stories a "normal" photo is observable for 5 seconds while a video can have a maximum playback time of 15 seconds. On average, each user subscribed to Instagram follows between 250 and 700 accounts. If a third or even half of these profiles followed by us posted five or more Stories per day we would have the opportunity to follow  multimedia content for the duration of about two hours. Posting no more than 3 stories a day, on the other hand, will require our followers to pay attention for between 15 and 45 seconds and having only three stories would make it easy for them to navigate without getting lost in them. In this way it is easier to retain our followers without annoying them.

According to Steve Rousseau, to be successful on Instagram it is possible on some days to publish less than 3 stories per day while it is always inadvisable to upload more than 3 stories every 24 hours.