How many movies can you download from Netflix?

Netflix introduced a few months ago the feature that allows users to watch movies even without internet. But there are limits

Long awaited by users, the subject of rumors for months and then finally announced. We're talking about Netflix, or rather the feature that since a few months, exactly since December 2016, allows subscribers to watch movies even offline, downloading the content on their devices.

Download, precisely. Have you wondered how many titles you can download from the streaming platform? To answer this question we must start, necessarily, from a consideration. First of all, from the typology of the device on which we want to save an episode. We are not talking about the brand or the model, but about the size of the storage unit. As we know, movies, especially those in HD, are very heavy. It's clear, then, and it wouldn't even need much explanation, that the number of movies we can download on a device from Netflix depends on the size of the hard disks.

License limit

Having made this technological premise, let's move on to the most important obstacle: the limits imposed by Netflix. The problem is not so much the streaming platform, but the agreements that Netflix has signed with the production studios, owners of the video content. These licenses, in fact, provide a maximum of titles that can be downloaded for the same movie. So if we exceed the limit, as those who often use the feature for offline viewing know well, the platform warns us with an error message in which it "kindly" advises us to delete one of the downloaded videos.

Somebody at this point might ask a question: but do the limits apply even if the download of a movie is made on different devices? Before answering, it is worth remembering that Netflix allows you to access shows simultaneously from multiple devices (up to 4). Nothing changes. If you try to download an episode on another device, Netflix will send us another error message, warning us that you have exceeded the maximum threshold that the license provides for that content.

What to do to download Netflix movies

What can we do? Very simple. We have to delete one or more episodes of the series we have saved on the devices and then go on to download more. And not only that. We'll also have to close and reopen the application, or refresh the site if using a browser.