How much does it cost to produce an iPhone Xs

Techinsights researchers analyzed an iPhone Xs Max component-by-component to figure out how much it costs Apple to produce this new smartphone

Every time Apple unveils a new iPhone, the talk is repeated and users are divided. Does it cost too much? Does it cost the right amount? The latest iPhone models, both iPhone X and the newcomers iPhone Xs and iPhone Xs Max are priced close to or above a thousand euros, with the top model coming in at just under 1,700 euros. In Italy, then, iPhone prices are slightly higher than other countries for reasons we've already explained.

But how much does it cost Apple to produce a single iPhone Xs? Techinsights researchers studied element by element the cost of producing an iPhone Xs Max with a capacity of 256 GB of internal storage. In addition, by opening and "dissecting" the new iPhone, the experts also discovered that inside the new Apple models have a particular notched battery that is still different from the L-shaped battery that had already revolutionized the internal design of the iPhone X. A novelty that underlines how Apple in recent years has worked hard to find a solution that improves the autonomy without having to give up a device from time to time less and less. A solution that would also explain why on the new iPhone Xs Apple has included batteries of only 2,800mAh. Perhaps the notched structure ensures space and also lower consumption.

How much does it cost to produce an iPhone Xs Max

Battery aside, however, how much does it cost to produce every single element of an iPhone Xs Max? According to research Techinsights  about $443, about $50 more than the iPhone X. When you take into account that the iPhone Xs Max costs $1,099 for the 64GB storage variant and goes up to $1,249 for the version with 256GB of internal storage, you have a largely positive balance. This manufacturing surcharge is almost exclusively due to the use of the new OLED screen with RETINA display. In addition, there is a 10% increase on costs related to the processor, which is more powerful this year than in 2017. On the other hand, for the photo compartment Apple spent about $44 per smartphone produced.

Beware though, it is good to remember that the $443 price tag that emerged from Techinsights' very accurate and precise research does not include other production expenses such as research and development, software, logistics and marketing. Therefore, this does not mean that Apple has a profit of more than $500 for every iPhone Xs or iPhone Xs Max it sells in the market.