How much does Ninja, the Fortnite champion earn

Ninja, the world's strongest player on Fortnite, revealed in an interview with CNN that he earns $10 million thanks to sponsors and subscriptions

Transforming one's passion into a job is the dream of any person. And Tyler Blevins, a 27-year-old American who grew up in Chicago, has succeeded. Many of you may be wondering who this Tyler Blevins is. Online he calls himself Ninja and has become famous for being the strongest player in the world of Fornite, the video game that in 2018 has become a real social phenomenon.

If you are a fan of Fortnite at least once you have seen one of his videos while playing online. Or one of the many videos shot by other players who boast of having killed at least once the "Ninja".

Tyler Blevins has now become a real celebrity of the Net: his social profiles boast millions of followers, his YouTube channel has over 20 million subscribers and on Twitch each of his live is followed by at least a hundred thousand people. A worldwide success that has allowed the American player to become a millionaire in just a few months. In fact, as admitted by the same "Ninja" in an interview with CNN, in 2018 he managed to earn almost 10 million dollars. A huge amount, but very small in front of how much Epic Games, the software house that developed Fortnite, managed to collect from players' in-app purchases: three billion dollars.

How the Ninja managed to earn $10 million

To get to earn $10 million, the Ninja had to diversify his income. A large part of his earnings comes from sponsors: major technology companies wanted to put their names alongside that of Tyler Blevins. Among its sponsors are Samsung, Uber and Red Bull, a company very active in the field of e-sports (electronic games, or video games). The other source of income is video streaming platforms. Each of his videos published on YouTube is viewed by millions of people, who in addition to watching his performances also see advertising. He has the same success on Twitch, the video streaming platform dedicated exclusively to video games. On Twitch, 40,000 people pay a monthly subscription to the Ninja's channel to watch his performances in the hopes of becoming like him.

How much time does Ninja spend on Fortnite

To be able to earn $10 million in one year, Ninja had to sacrifice much of his free time. Seeing his stats on Fortnite, Tyler Blevins in 2018 spent almost 12 hours a day on the platform. Much more than a normal workday. But his dream since childhood was to become a professional gamer and at the age of 27 he finally succeeded.