How the auction site Bidoo works

What was once thought to be a fad, online shopping, has become a real habit to buy products wisely and reasonably, between discounts and offers to monitor. Bidoo is the largest e-commerce platform in Europe, with more than 1.5 million users. An auction site that allows members to buy luxury products at very affordable prices, making shopping more experiential and less routine. But how exactly does Bidoo work? Here is some info to enter the community that has won millions of users.

Bidoo: what is it and what products it offers

Bidoo is a digital auction site to the penny that allows you to bet and raise bids, in order to win products of various kinds. They range from the most technological and advanced devices such as iRobots, iPhones, airpods, smartphones, notebooks, drones, latest generation televisions, and then household appliances, furniture and design, cars, video games, but also high fashion accessories, from designer handbags to watches, etc.

Among the many items on Bidoo, you will also find Amazon vouchers of various amounts, phone top-ups, fuel vouchers, supermarket gift cards, food (especially fine wines and beers), sports training sets etc. The products are many and change often. Every day, new ones are added, therefore, it is important to monitor them. We would also like to point out that these products are new, original and protected by warranty.

Bidoo is not a "simple" online auction site, but it is a real evolution of the concept, fully projected into the universe of the most advanced e-commerce. A platform that uses gaming to transform the user's experience in choosing and purchasing products, making it more stimulating and exciting. There is also the element of competition, after all, as they say, "Life is more fun if you play".

How does the Bidoo platform work

Bidoo is an auction site to the penny, so it is not set up as a site with auctions at the bottom where the user who has proposed the lowest bid has the better. The auctions are started every 5 minutes, at any time, with no specific time slots, and it goes from noon to midnight. At the stroke of midnight, the auctions are set in stop mode, and then start again at noon the next day. The initial bidding base is always 1 cent, regardless of the value of the product in question, and each competitor can only bid one cent at a time. Each auction on Bidoo has a specific time limit within which you can raise your bid. After each bid, a countdown clock starts that changes according to the specific auction, and it is during this time that you have the opportunity to bid. For each raise, the countdown is extended to a maximum of 60 seconds to allow more time for the participants to place their bids. When the timer runs out, if there are no others to bid, the last participant who made the last bid triumphs.

So it will be the last "lucky" one who will have the opportunity to buy the disputed item at auction. After all, as in all things in life that bring satisfaction, it's a matter of "playing your own game" and guessing the right time to place your bets, crossing your fingers so that no one else raises. It's worth pointing out that Bidoo works like all online auctions to the penny, so the bets placed are not refunded when you fail to get the item in question. This is because, unlike traditional auctions, where the bidding is free, participating always has a cost.

Is Bidoo a reliable site?

After signing up and browsing the impressive online catalog from "Toyland", what you might think at first glance is how much truth there is in what you're reading. Especially when you see that one person has managed to get the latest Smartphone model they want for a pittance. How does Bidoo manage to sell products at such low prices, sometimes up to 99% below their market value, and make money from its platform? Nothing to fear, no scam danger on the horizon! The peculiarity of Bidoo is, in fact, inherent in its business model, since its major revenues do not come from the sale of products offered, as is the case with classic e-commerce. The real income comes from the bets of all the participants who fail to win the auction; from the ads of the sponsors, who often give their products for free to advertise themselves, and there is no lack of a winning series of marketing and digital strategies, with various influencers who sponsor the platform.

As you may have guessed, Bidoo works a bit like a race to get the desired object, between cunning and strategy, trying to make the right bid and hoping that others do not raise. It is therefore necessary to monitor the various auctions, and buying and selling becomes a struggle against time, as in the best adventures.