How the Chili streaming platform works

Digital streaming platforms are divided into two types. There are those that collect a large number of content within its catalog, available upon payment of a subscription. Others, instead, offer a much wider offer, with totally free registration and payment foreseen for each single rental or purchase.

Online video libraries, to try to explain the concept in simple terms. One of the most famous in Italy is undoubtedly Chili. It's a convenient and affordable way for everyone to have a movie at home. With a lower cost than that generally expected for an evening at a multiplex in the city, you can stay warm and choose from an incredible number of titles. Thousands of productions, belonging to the most varied genres. The ideal solution for those who do not intend to take out a large number of subscriptions and, at the same time, know that they do not have the time or desire to engage in long and constant marathons.

In addition to renting and purchasing films in digital version, there is another opportunity. In fact, it is possible to request the purchase of DVDs and Blu-Rays in physical version. There is also a wide range of merchandise dedicated to the world of cinema. All at very advantageous prices, being able to take advantage of promotions of various kinds dedicated to members.

How Chili works

There are minimum requirements to ensure the proper functioning of Chili. Regarding the desktop version, the platform is active on any Windows Vista system and on all subsequent operating systems. As for Macs, all models with macOS 10.9 Mavericks and later will be fine. On the browser front instead, Chrome, Firefox 3x and later and Microsoft Edge are supported.

You can also download the Chili app on your smart TV, as well as on mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets. All you need to do is access the menu, click on the store and do a search, so you can locate and download the streaming platform's app. In case you don't have a smart TV or one that isn't among those enabled to use Chili, you can take advantage of external systems. Just think of Chromecast, whose key can be connected through an HDMI cable. This device allows you to project on your television, after connecting to the Wi-Fi network, what is transmitted on your smartphone or tablet. An alternative solution is also represented by the Amazon Fire Stick, which instead allows you to download the app directly to the external system.

Another minimum requirement is the speed of the internet connection. Chili allows you to show SD, HD, HD+/Full HD and 4K HDR/Ultra HD content, with speeds ranging from 1Mbps to 10.5/12.5 Mbps minimum.

Each user has the option of associating a maximum number of 5 devices to their account. Once the limit is reached, you will be able to access the management page of your account, removing and replacing devices.

How to subscribe to Chili

In order to consult the rich catalog and take advantage of the services provided by Chili, you must have an active account. Registration is very simple and, above all, totally free. In a few seconds you will be able to access the home page.

You can connect to the Chili site from your computer, selecting the item Register at the top right, clicking on the little man icon. In the opened page you will be able to start the registration phase, filling in the proposed form, inserting your e-mail, password and your general data.

You can also speed up this procedure, logging in through your Facebook profile. In this way, Chili will receive the necessary information through your social account. Registration procedure is also possible through apps on mobile devices, whether Android or iOS. The same goes for smart TVs. Once you have downloaded the relevant app from the internal store, you can click, with the help of the remote control, on the word Register.

Chili prices

The content available on Chili's streaming platform is varied. Each of this has a price, which varies depending on the case. In fact, it is not possible to provide a precise price list, considering how a title may undergo changes over time. A decrease in price that may also be due to sudden promotions.

The prices of movies start from a minimum of 0.90 euros for rent. The lowest price available for purchase is instead 4.99 euros. By purchase, however, we mean the inclusion of the film in your digital library. Therefore, it is not a physical purchase, which would allow a DVD or Blu-Ray to arrive at your home. The prices of titles in physical format have instead a minimum quota of 6.99 euros.

It is therefore possible to rent a film in digital version but, unlike the now dated Blockbuster, not in physical version. In no case will you be able to receive a product at home that you will later have to return. This happened at the dawn of Netflix, which sent discs by mail in the United States.

The purchase is divided instead between digital and physical version. Once purchased, you will obviously have the product available at any time. It will be enough to have an active profile, in the case of the digital versions. Instead, the discourse regarding the rental is different. The film in question is in fact available in your library for a limited time. It's 28 days. However, you are not allowed to watch it as many times as you want during these days.

Once you have clicked on the play button and started the playback, you will have 48 hours to complete it or maybe watch it a second or third time. In the case of families, the possibility cannot be excluded that the various members decide to watch a film at separate times of the day. As mentioned, however, you'll only have two days from the start of the initial playback.

Movies aren't the only form of digital content offered by Chili, however. In fact, you can also rent TV series and cartoons, choosing from a vast catalog. The cost is around 2.50 euros per episode. Intere stagioni prevedono invece un costo medio di 10-20 euro. Tutto questo in versione esclusivamente digitale.

L’ultimo elemento da poter mettere nel carrello è il merchandising, che comprende un gran numero differente di prodotti. Si va dalle tazze alle action figure, passando per libri e magliette. I prezzi in questo caso partono da un minimo di 0,99 euro. È però difficile proporre una media, considerando quanto sia vasto e variegato il catalogo.

Occorre inoltre tener conto dei prezzi di spedizione dei vari prodotti. Occorre aggiungere al costo dei titoli fisici e del merchandising 6,90 euro. Un costo che viene azzerato totalmente nel caso in cui si decida di effettuare un ordine superiore ai 29 euro. Per quanto concerne i tempi di spedizione, invece, si prevede un minimo di 3 e un massimo di 5 giorni lavorativi. Potrebbero però essere necessari 1-2 giorni in più per le seguenti regioni:

  • Basilicata
  • Campania
  • Puglia
  • Isole

Svariati i metodi di pagamento accettati, da qualsiasi carta di credito e debito a Satispay, da Paypal alla ricarica effettuata sul conto Chili, che consente di sfruttare di volta in volta il saldo accumulato. A ciò si aggiungono codici promo e gift card.

Come acquistare e noleggiare film e serie TV

Il sistema della piattaforma digitale di Chili è molto intuitivo, sia che vi si acceda attraverso il proprio computer, che si decida di farlo via app, su smartphone e tablet. Acquistare e noleggiare un titolo è molto semplice e alla portata di tutti.

La prima cosa da fare è effettuare la registrazione o il login. Si avrà dunque accesso alla home di Chili, ricca di poster, titoli e prezzi. You'll have a few categories available, so as to suggest the viewing of certain films, such as the most recent or the most awarded.

You can obviously carry out a search on your own, browsing the digital catalog by interior, perhaps hunting for advantageous prices, or insert a specific title. By clicking on Watch, you will be able to choose whether to rent or buy the title, maybe after reading the descriptive card, by clicking on the cover image.

You can also select the video quality of the product, with a lower price depending on the case, from the minimum, represented by the SD quality, to the maximum, that is 4K. You will then have to indicate the preferred payment method, or opt for the Chili balance.

The discourse is different with regard to purchases of physical media. In this case you'll follow the procedure, as illustrated, and then click on Blu-Ray/DVD, instead of Watch. This will take you to a new page. In addition to paying for the product, you will obviously have to indicate your telephone number and shipping address. This is a simple procedure that requires you to enter some data in a short time. In the event that it is the first purchase, the system will obviously require to indicate a valid method of payment, among the various accepted by Chili.