How the Layout app by Instagram works

To create original compositions and edit your photos in Instagram Stories, download the Layout app by Instagram: here's how it works and how to use it.

The use of Instagram is increasingly widespread in the world, especially for posting images and videos. But the service has evolved over the years, and its most recent application, Layout by Instagram, allows you to edit your photos by creating unique and eye-catching compositions, to share with all your contacts, you'll just have to use the integrated application Photo Booth, to customize your compositions. In short, it's a really handy tool, especially for those who want to build an influencer profile with Instagram, those who are followed by thousands or even millions of people, and who therefore need to manage their image in the best possible way.

Why use Layout

The developers of Instagram thought to develop this app starting from the observation that on average one fifth of users like to share collages of images. And since you couldn't make photo collages on Instagram, they decided to come up with a simple and intuitive app to get around the problem, simply and directly. The solution of including a separate app, allowed not to complicate the operation of Instagram. In this way, each app does its job well without becoming redundant or too heavy. This is a fairly widespread method, especially in the management of social networks that have millions of active users every day.

The potential of Layout

This application, Layout for Instagram, works intuitively and very simply, so you can easily manage every creative step of the composition. You can flip images, drag them, move them, change them, zoom in on details, resize them. In short, a series of useful tools to tell your story in the most captivating and entertaining way.

Instagram Layout allows you to combine up to nine images, modifying them as you see fit, in order to obtain absolutely unique results. The Photo Booth allows you to capture the unique moments of the day, while with the Faces tab you can quickly retrieve photos in which people are present. Each combination can be enriched with countless filters and creative tools made available by Instagram to achieve fantastic results.

How Instagram Layout works

In contrast to traditional photo apps, Instagram Layout is characterized by its ease of use: it's an immediate and intuitive program that anyone can learn to use. But above all, it is very versatile. In fact, unlike other similar apps, it doesn't have a set of predefined grids in which to place photos, but rather gives free rein to the imagination and creativity of users, who are free to manage the space as they see fit.

How Instagram Layout works

So it's important to know how to use Instagram Layout, in order to get the most out of it. To proceed, you'll have to log in to Instagram and press on the little house icon that is located at the bottom left, then you'll have to click on the camera symbol, located at the top left. The screen for creating stories will then appear, from which, scrolling through the various shooting modes, you can find the one called Layout.

At this point you'll have to select the images you want to include in your composition, going to fish them from your camera roll, present on your phone. Layout has an algorithm that can automatically recognize the faces in the photos, showing them in a separate library: this allows you to make a faster selection. You can choose up to nine different photos.

Collage creation on Layout for Instagram

As you add the selected photos, Layout for Instagram will gradually show you a series of possible collage compositions. Once you're done, you just have to choose the one you like best. Then you can go and customize your composition. To do this there are several systems. First of all, you can modify the space occupied by each image, enlarging or shrinking it. And again you can highlight details or rotate the photos, or make them mirror images.

Some of the frames can be used, through Photo Both, to take impromptu photos to include in the composition. Once you're done editing, you can save the collage on your smartphone, or you can share it on Facebook, and of course send it directly to your Instagram profile. In the latter case, Instagram also lets you add effects and filters, as for all the other photos, so you can further customize your work.