How the Triller app works, the new

Triller allows you to record original music videos using songs in the app's database as the basis. Here's how it works

Do you have a passion for music? Is it your dream to become a music video director, but you've never had the chance? With the Triller app, all you need is a smartphone to make your first music video. What is Triller? It's a free app that helps users edit a movie: just shoot with your smartphone and Triller will automatically create the music video.

The app is a great alternative to, an app used by millions of young people to record music videos while singing along to their favorite artists. The way Triller works, however, is slightly different. The app allows the user to professionally edit the music video: you can add filters to make the footage in line with the lyrics of the song. Triller has also been used by professional artists to shoot their videos: for example, the Dark Polo Gang used it to record the video for the song "Gang Shit" featuring Capo Plaza.

Triller, the app that turns you into a filmmaker

Using the app is really very simple. The first step is to decide which piece of music you want to play: you can choose from those in Triller's database or you can select a song from your smartphone. At this point you'll have to decide whether to record a video for the entire song or just for a piece of it. Once you have made all these decisions you can start shooting video with your smartphone. All the recorded material will be saved within the application and when we're done, Triller will start editing automatically. Unfortunately, the user does not have the possibility to influence the choice of the algorithm: if the final result is not satisfactory, it will be necessary to start the editing again.

How to download Triller app

The application is available for free on the Google Play Store and the App Store. In order to download it, you need to have some free space on your smartphone's memory.