How the TuneIn Radio app works

Music streaming is one of the most popular services in recent years, with many proposals on the market such as YouTube Music, Spotify and Apple Music. One of the lesser-known applications is TuneIn Radio, a different alternative to the others, as it includes thousands of internet radio stations, but also podcasts, live news and sports news. The American app boasts a wide and varied catalog, offering a truly unique service in the industry, so let's see right now how TuneIn works, what its features are and the cost of the subscription.

TuneIn Radio: what is it

TuneIn is an American company founded in 2002 now based in California in San Francisco, specializing in offering thousands of digital radio stations, AM and FM. Compared to traditional services, in fact, this platform offers listening to radio channels via the Internet, then through the Wi-Fi connection at home or in mobile mode with 4G networks or higher. In this way, you can listen to TuneIn radio stations at any time, all you need is an internet connection and an electronic device.

TuneIn Radio is available in many languages and countries, with a version completely in Italian with a localized graphical interface to simplify navigation in the web platform. Inside, in addition to radio stations, you can also find podcasts on various topics, from travel to economic insights, thematic music channels for non-stop listening, the most popular sports radio stations in the world and news made available by various authoritative international sources.

Compatible devices for TuneIn Radio PC web and app

To listen to the thousands of TuneIn radio stations you can use different ways of accessing the platform. Obviously, an online desktop version is available, so you just need to use your PC or mobile device, open your browser and browse the website, without downloading any program or application. For a better experience you can download the TuneIn Radio App, available on Google Play Store for Android smartphones and tablets, or on the App Store for Apple iOS devices such as iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch.

TuneIn Radio is also offered within the Amazon Appstore catalog, both in the version compatible for Android and in the one dedicated to work with the devices of Jeff Bezos' company. The platform, in fact, is compatible with Amazon Echo smart speakers such as Echo Dot, Show and Studio, just download TuneIn as one of the thousands of Alexa skills. Alternatively, the app is also available for Google Home Mini and Nest smart speakers to work with the Google Assistant voice assistant, or smart speakers that support Microsoft Cortana such as Harman Kardon smart speakers.

TuneIn is integrated into many other types of audio listening devices, such as Sonos, Roku, Bose and Bang & Olufsen systems. The service is also available for Samsung smart TVs and major smart TV models based on the Android TV operating system, and you can also use the digital radio app from gaming consoles such as Xbox or Playstation. Of course, it also supports devices to transform the TV into a smart TV, being compatible with Roku, Google Chromecast and Amazon Fire TV via apps on Android and iOS smartphones.

The TuneIn radio stations can also be listened to on the go, in fact, in addition to the phone the app can also be downloaded to Android and iOS tablets, Amazon Fire devices, or on Android Wear wearables and Apple Watch. To tune into TuneIn's radio programs in the car, the app works with both Android Auto and Apple CarPlay, and is also supported by the proprietary infotainment systems of automotive brands such as Tesla, Volvo, Mercedes, Land Rover, Jaguar, General Motors, Mini and Ford.

How TuneIn Radio Works

TuneIn Radio is truly a service unlike any other, as it allows you to listen to radio from all over the world in many different languages, with radio programs on all sorts of topics, from politics to soccer. As far as sports are concerned, you can find the most renowned broadcasters, such as ESPN and Fox Sports, or all the local sports radio stations in your area or country. In this way, you can both follow international sports and listen to the closest news and live events, so you won't miss a single event in soccer, basketball, tennis or any other discipline.

In addition to sports, TuneIn Radio obviously proposes the best radio stations for music, always with a proposal that includes the most popular international and local programs, divided by genre to simplify the search for the favorite radio channel. At the same time, in the application you'll find stations about news and debates, with broadcasters such as Fox News, CNBC, CNN, BBC and MSNBC. There is also a large section of podcasts from all over the world, from the contents of The Daily of the New York Times to the best Italian podcasts or proposals localized in specific countries.

To find the content you want, just enter the TuneIn Radio application, using the platform's simple and intuitive graphic interface to choose the radio station you want to listen to, with many filters and categories that help you locate the right content. An interesting feature is the geolocation, in fact you can select radio programs by continent, individual country or specific region, for example to know which are the radio channels of Lombardy or those of Sao Paulo in Brazil.

In the same way, you can search radio content by language, for example viewing which stations are available in English, Portuguese or French, and then select the most suitable option between music, sports and news by choosing the right channel. For this reason, TuneIn Radio is used by many Italians who are abroad, since it lets you follow music, sports events and news from Italy or from your home area. In addition, this application is a great way to learn a foreign language, practice while studying grammar or train so you don't miss out on what you've learned after an experience abroad.

How much does TuneIn Radio cost

For basic access to the application you don't have to pay anything, so you can sign up for TuneIn Radio for free and enjoy thousands of radio stations and podcasts from all over the globe. To increase the services and features, there is a paid version TuneIn Pro, with which advertisements are removed and you can listen to the programs even offline. In this case, it is offered for €7.43 on Amazon Appstore, the official app store of Amazon, for €9.99 per month on Google Play Store for Android devices, or with a monthly subscription from €10.99 on App Store for Apple iOS devices.

How to register for TuneIn Radio

To access the streaming of AM, FM and digital radio from TuneIn Radio you need to register, a rather quick procedure to be done via app or in the online web console. Of course, to speed up the free registration you can use your Google, Facebook or Apple account, otherwise just enter your first and last name, an email address, year of birth and choose a password. After that, access is immediate, all you have to do is download the app for mobile devices or make a download of the desktop application.

Alternative apps to TuneIn for music and radio

Of course, TuneIn Radio is not the only service that allows you to stream AM, FM and digital radio, in fact there are other applications that offer this option. Among them is Audials Radio, compatible with Android and iOS devices, through which you'll follow radio programs from all over the world, foreign music radio stations and local radio stations. A special feature of Audials Radio is the recording of tracks or radio, just use the Record button to save the audio content while listening and have it available in offline mode.

A similar service is also Deezer, app for digital streaming of music and podcasts very well known and appreciated, but considered more an alternative to Apple Music and Spotify than TuneIn Radio. Otherwise there is also Tidal, a music streaming service with millions of international songs, accessible from PC or smartphone with free or premium version. Those who prefer to listen to independent artists can opt for SoundCloud, an app that allows you to both listen to music and upload your own personal creations.

Among the alternatives for online radio programs, there are applications like MyTuner, where you can find over 50 thousand radio channels, over a thousand of which are in Italian, with stations like RTL, Rai Radio and Radio Deejay. Another option is the Simple Radio app, available on Google Play Store and App Store, an application for listening to AM and FM radio digitally on smartphones and tablets, with more than 45,000 stations and a complete choice of free radio stations. Finally, there is Radio-FM, an app compatible with Android and iOS devices with which you can stream many FM and digital radio programs.