How TIM Unica works, the platform for the smart home

TIM launches a new offer, which incorporates in a single package the home line, the smartphone line (with unlimited giga) and streaming and smart home services

TIM UNICA is the new platform designed to integrate all the digital content and services of TIM: from those related to telephony, to products for the smart home. From within you can manage the fixed line and mobile, but also the TV and Smart Home devices. This is an interesting solution for those who have several utilities and want to combine them all within a single bill.

The complete offer is proposed in a package "without limits" that is characterized by unlimited giga, which are given every month to each mobile line belonging to a family with fixed network, up to the achievement of 6 total SIM. In fact, the package can be activated by landline customers who have the SIM TIM with the same tax code. In a nutshell, both the fixed line and the mobile line will have to be in the name of the same person. At this point, it will be possible to add another 5 SIMs of different people, but living together, up to a total of 6 numbers. The TIM UNICA offer also includes the use of the TIMVISION platform.

TIM UNICA: details on fixed and mobile services

The novelty was presented by Quang Ngo Dinh, head of the company's consumer marketing department. It solves the problem of having several bills in the name of the same person or the same household, even if they are all sent by a single provider.

With TIM UNICA everything is unified in a single offer. It is an excellent solution for households that have a fixed TIM number, to which are added the SIM cards of each family member, always linked to TIM. In addition to a single bill, the company also gives unlimited giga thanks to the Automatic Recharge service.

TIM UNICA: not only telephony, but also content and smart home

TIM UNICA, in addition to telephony services, also includes those related to TIMVISION, the platform that manages content and functions for the smart home. For example, thanks to this channel you can control the security cameras of the house and other smart devices.

Soon to TIMVISION will also add Netflix content, as has already happened for Sky customers. Those who prefer sports to movies and TV series, will be able to add the NOW TV and DAZN option, and then watch on TV all the soccer and major European sporting events, such as Eurosport Player and soon also the MOTOGP season.

How to activate TIM UNICA?

Activating TIM UNICA is simple for both old and new customers. Just go to a point of sale of the company, call 187 or go to the official page of the service. Those who already use the services of the company on smartphones, fixed network and content can domicile the bill and activate the Automatic Recharge on their phone and immediately receive unlimited Giga.