How to access Instagram with or without an account

If you want to access Instagram with an account you will have to create your own profile and enter your username and password. For those who do not have an account there is instead Webstagram.

Are you wondering how to access Instagram? In this guide we will explain step by step how you can access the most popular photo sharing service with or without an account. In fact, access to Instagram is possible even if you are not registered and allows you to visit other people's profiles without having the application installed on your smartphone. But let's go in order. Let's first see how to log in to Instagram with a password and then how you can log in without an account.

How to sign up on Instagram

Let's talk right now about how to sign up on Instagram and the steps you need to take in order to then share photos and videos with this social network. First, you need to download the Instagram app on your phone. Access the store according to the type of phone you have, search for Instagram and download it. Are you done? Good, now go back to the main menu of your device and press on the Instagram icon. You'll now see a screen pop up and you'll need to select where it says Don't have an account? Sign up and follow the steps.

You have several options to sign up for Instagram. You can use your email address, your phone number, or your Facebook account. If you choose to sign up using your email or device number, you need to hit Sign Up using your email address and phone number. From the screen that opens, choose between the Email or Phone items and fill in the field with your email address or your phone number. Then, press Next and complete the form with the required data. Once you've entered everything, press Next, set the username you want to use and press Next again to complete the registration.

If, however, you choose to access Instagram via Facebook, press the appropriate button, give the required permission, set your profile picture, username and registration is done.

How to access Instagram without a password

Now, however, we talk about how to access Instagram without a password. There is an ad hoc tool called WEBSTAGRAM, which allows you to visit the profiles you want, search and download photos and videos. To use the service you just need to access the WEBSTAGRAM site from your PC or smartphone. If you want to find a profile just use the search box. If, however, you want to download a photo or video that interests you, you have to click on the post with the content you like. At this point a link will appear with the words Download, click on it and you will have the photo or video you wanted.

The use of WEBSTAGRAM, however, has limitations. For example, it doesn't allow you to view a profile's private content, but you can only see public posts. Another limitation concerns Instagram stories that are only visible through the app and, therefore, not from WEBSTAGRAM.

Now it's up to you to choose how to access Instagram with or without an account.