How to activate free Giga for Christmas greetings

At Christmas, everyone is at home, greetings are exchanged by video call and do not cost us anything: here are all the operators that give free Giga traffic for the holidays.

The majority of Italians will receive free Giga for Christmas from their phone operator. In this way, they will be able to wish their friends, relatives and colleagues a Merry Christmas by video call, without fear of running out of power on Boxing Day.

Many operators (practically all except Iliad) have responded to the appeal of Innovation Minister Paola Pisano, who had asked phone companies to propose digital solidarity measures for the first lockdown. Iliad answered no, while Tim, Vodafone, Wind Tre, CoopVoce answered yes: the free Giga will be given to their respective users, who will be able to use them during the Christmas holidays also for video calls. Each operator, however, has given a slightly different gift to its users. Here's what it is.

Free Gigs TIM and Vodafone: how it works

The two main Italian telephone operators, TIM and Vodafone, will make the same gift to users: starting from 18:00 on December 24 they will offer 30 hours of free connection. Until the end of December 25, then, the Giga will be free on both TIM and Vodafone.

Users will not have to do anything to get the free Giga: simply starting from 18:00 on December 24, data consumption will not be counted until 23:59 on December 25.

Free Giga Wind Tre: how it works

Wind Tre has also joined Minister Pisano's appeal, but the offer is less generous: 24 hours of free traffic starting at 00:00 on December 25, but no free Giga on Christmas Eve afternoon. Even in the case of Wind Tre the gift is automatic and the user will not have to do anything to get the free Giga.

CoopVoce free Giga: how it works

Different, however, the Christmas gift of CoopVoce. In this case there are no unlimited free Giga, but a gift of 25 Giga in total that can be used in the long period from December 24 to January 6.

This is the GigAuguri promotion, which will be activated to all users automatically. Even CoopVoce users, therefore, will not have to do anything to get the free Giga at Christmas.