How to activate power saving on iPhone and what it’s for

To extend the life of our battery on Apple smartphones we can use Power Saving Mode, here's how to activate it and what it's for

Not everyone knows that every iPhone has a Power Saving Mode. This is a feature that allows us to optimize battery consumption. It is a very convenient feature to manage the autonomy of our smartphone when we are away from home and we do not have the opportunity to recharge the device.

Usually on the phones of Cupertino, the power saving plan is activated automatically once it reaches 20% of remaining charge. With the update to iOS 11 we will be able to activate the feature manually at any time. Just connect to the Control Center. It should be remembered that once the energy saving mode is activated, many functions will no longer be usable. For example, Siri, but also the automatic update of applications and email.

How to activate power saving mode

As we said, when an iPhone reaches 20% of battery power remaining we'll see a pop-up message asking us whether we want to activate power saving or not. According to Apple, this mode can provide from one to three hours of autonomy, depending on the use of the smartphone. But how do we activate the power saving before the phone reaches 20%? First we go to Settings, then to the Battery section and finally click on the item Power Saving Mode and move the check mark to On to activate it. It should be remembered that the energy saving mode can not be used permanently but can only work until the moment we put the iPhone on charge. Once the phone is connected to the power the power saving mode will be automatically deactivated. If we have updated the phone to the iOS 11 operating system there is no need to go through the settings to activate this feature. We will simply access the control center. If we don't automatically find this mode in the control center we can enter it manually. To do this we go to Settings, then Control Center and finally Customize Controls. And from the list of the various functions available add the energy saving. And that's it.

What is the purpose of power saving mode

Power saving mode turns off some functions, as mentioned, and changes some settings on our smartphone. For example, screen brightness is decreased and motion effects and animated wallpapers are also disabled. With the energy saving mode active the device uses less CPU and therefore can be quite slower and less performing. According to Apple tests of about 40%. For this reason it should be used wisely and only in cases where you really need to extend the autonomy of the iPhone.