How to activate Sky on Digital Terrestrial

To see Sky channels on Digital Terrestrial you need to activate a subscription: here's the procedure, what are the costs and how it works.

Maybe you didn't know, but you can safely watch Sky on digital terrestrial without having to install any annoying antenna. Of course, after subscribing to the service offered by the pay TV giant, depending on the package that meets the needs of each customer. It goes without saying that the opportunity could appeal to many, who would like to enjoy programs, series, movies and shows often exclusive. And comfortably on the couch at home.

Specifically, this is a procedure that allows you to access the offer of Sky without having to go from the dish, using only the tools provided by the company. Procedure that then becomes the subject of our guide, in which we will discover together how to activate the Sky subscription on digital terrestrial, how it works, how to access the channels that broadcast free to air, and finally how to use the streaming service Sky Go, included in the offer.

Sky subscription on digital terrestrial: costs and how it works

Becoming a Sky subscriber on digital terrestrial is very simple: to watch the channels of your interest, just choose one of the many offers available in the list of the famous pay TV, not only that, you also need a card and a CAM module, or alternatively a decoder, which enable pay services on digital terrestrial. If you're not sure how to find your way around, on the official Sky website you can find a list of all compatible devices, as well as a special "entry pack" that already includes everything you need for activation. Alternatively, if you are in possession of a decoder or a CAM module but not the card, Sky will send it to you free of charge upon request during the activation of the module you have chosen on your digital terrestrial.

It is good to remember that, regardless of the package chosen, you will then be charged an activation fee of 39 euros. Once you have signed the contract, you can activate your Sky subscription on digital terrestrial either autonomously and completely online, or by contacting an operator of the London-based company, by telephone on 02.7070, or at one of the many points of sale scattered throughout Italy. If you want to proceed on your own, you'll have to connect to the Sky website, select the Create your subscription item, you'll find it at the bottom left, and click the option Digital terrestrial. Choose the eventual additions and click on Continue, remembering to check the item Yes, I already have the card if you have an enabled card. Finally, enter the code in the Smart Card Code field.

If you do not have a Sky card, select No, I don't have the card yet to request one: waiting times are generally 4 working days from activation of the offer. At this point, the new page will ask you to enter your data in the sections Personal Data and Address, inviting you to check or not the consent to send communications initiatives, commercial offers, questionnaires and market research. As far as payment is concerned, you can proceed with the activation of the contract by choosing between current account debit, credit card and Postepay.

How to watch Sky channels on digital terrestrial

To start watching channels on digital terrestrial, take your Sky card and insert it in the CAM module or in a decoder equipped with a smart card slot. If everything went well, tune in to any Sky channel and call 02.917171. Enter the customer code indicated on the contract and the phone number you provided during the activation of the subscription. Then follow the simple instructions in the guide to complete the activation of the card. Those who would like to watch Sky on digital without entering into a contract, can tune in to some of the company's free-to-air channels, namely Sky TG24, dedicated to the world of news, TV8, designed for entertainment, and the more "generalist" Cielo.

How to watch Sky Go on digital terrestrial

Activating a Sky subscription on digital terrestrial you can also see Sky Go, displaying all content on the screens of computers, smartphones and tablets, however, no more than two devices in total and never simultaneously. The service is included in a bit 'all pay TV packages and can be activated directly from the Sky website. Once connected, click on the Login button at the top right, enter the data associated with your Sky ID in the Username, Email Address and Password fields and click on the Sign In button. Now go to the Do It Yourself section, click on Promotions and then on Sky Services to choose Sky Go and finally add it to your cart. To work, you will of course need to download the Sky Go app on your PC or on your smartphone/tablet, either in iOS or Android version.