How to activate the Sanremo 2020 filter for Instagram stories

A filter dedicated to Sanremo is available on Instagram where you are challenged to sing the most famous songs of the Festival. Here's how it works

Because Sanremo is Sanremo: if you too have read it singing, you will surely love the novelty reserved for all Instagram users. In fact, on the famous app has been circulating for a few days the Sanremo 2020 filter that celebrates the 70th edition of the festival. It is a fun effect to use in Stories.

By now, these contents have become a must for users. They use them to share a moment of the day or their favorite songs. Everyone can create the filter for the Stories or use those made by others. If until a few days ago the one to discover the Disney character was all the rage, now everyone improvises singers and performers within a frame applied by the filter made of colored flowers, symbol of Sanremo. It was launched by the official account of the Festival, which thus demonstrates that it carries its 70 years very well, always remaining on track and fashionable. Let's see how it works.

How to use the Sanremo 2020 filter in Instagram Stories

The Sanremo Festival is one of the most popular events in Italy. It takes place these very days and will be followed by millions of people. So what is the best way to celebrate it, if not with a beautiful Story on Instagram? Doing it is easy: just use the filter created by the official account of the program.

Logging in to the channel @sanremorai go to the space below the featured stories. Here there are four gray icons, respectively that of the grid, IGTV, filter and tagged photos. The icon that interests you is then the third from the left with the smiley symbol. Touch it to access the filter "Sing Sanremo". You can use it immediately or save it to use it later.

Sing Sanremo 2020 Filter: what does it consist of?

Just as the name of the effect says, the goal is to sing the most famous songs interpreted on the Ariston stage. After selecting it, you can use it with the rear camera to star another person or with the selfie camera to improvise a nice song from your account. After selecting it, a frame made of colorful flowers and a microphone at the mouth will appear on the screen. On the head there will be a rectangle. Tap it and the song you want to interpret will appear. The possibilities are many: from the most recent Soldi (Money) by Mahmood, to Vita Spericolata (Reckless Life) by Vasco, Mentre Tutto Scorre (While Everything Is Flowing) by Negramaro and many others.

Responsiveness will be crucial, because according to the title you have a few seconds to sing the song. At the end of the performance, the same filter will start the applause after the song. If you don't know the selected song, you can take a new Story from the beginning until you reach the result that satisfies you most. After you finish, share the Story and have fun celebrating the Festival. To increase the views you can use it during the programming also using the hashtag #sanremo2020. We would like to remind you that the Festival of Italian Music will be broadcast from February 4 to 8 on Rai Uno. It will be conducted by Amadeus and, in addition to live TV, it will be broadcast worldwide and streamed on RaiPlay.