How to advertise online to a selected audience

When advertising online the goal is to reach interested potential customers: how to choose display advertising for a selected audience


Veronica Nicosia Scientific Journalist

Graduated in Astrophysics, scientific journalist and SEO content editor, she writes about technology for online and print magazines. In 2020 she joined Libero Tecnologia

Selecting the target audience for a company's online advertising is the best way to get a higher number of conversions. Profiling when advertising is fundamental because it allows the brand to get in touch with potential customers who have a real interest in the services or products offered.

Any self-respecting marketing strategy starts with audience profiling, because this is the only way to define which content is the most interesting and which of the banners, maxi, prerolls and mastheads are the forms of display advertising that are most likely to capture their attention. Often companies rely on advertising agencies to display their banners online, without being able to choose the websites where they will be published. The result is that a banner on a website with poor content and unreliable, will inevitably have a repercussion on the reputation of the brand. Here are some tips on what factors to evaluate when advertising online.

How to select the audience for online advertising

When a company creates a product or a new service, it does so with the customer in mind who might need it. So the birth of business is based on assessing the pool of potential customers, and this happens with online advertising as well. Selecting the audience to which to display advertisements means directing resources, both in terms of economic investment and time, towards those who are truly interested in what the company has to offer in order to have a greater probability of obtaining a conversion, i.e. the purchase of your product or service from the viewing of the spot present online.

For this reason, knowing your audience and selecting it to advertise online in target is important to maximize results and make advertising strategies effective. Audience selection should take into account the location of the business and potential customers, interests, demographics, and any characteristics that match the needs of the customer with the service or product offered by the brand.

How to Choose Displays and Publishers for Online Advertising

After audience selection, you can define your marketing strategy by choosing the display advertising format and publishers (i.e., the websites where the ads appear) that are best suited to your target audience. It should also be possible to geolocate the publication of banner ads, so as to reach only those customers closest to the business you want to sponsor.

For example, if the selected audience is composed of adult men and the company produces or offers services for the automotive sector, you can opt for banners suitable for both desktop and mobile advertising, on websites with male content, such as sports results or for motoring enthusiasts. With an audience of teenagers, on the other hand, you can invest more in mobile banner formats, such as mastheads.

Among the advertising agencies and dealerships that offer these services, there is also Italiaonline with Visibility on Network, which offers different display advertising formats, both for mobile and desktop, to be published on an established network of publishers. In fact, Italiaonline offers a rich section of vertical blogs that, thanks to their high quality content, contribute to consolidate the reliability of the brand, and due to the diversity of the topics covered, are suitable to manage online advertising for any type of audience: male, female or general. In addition, you can choose to make your display ads visible nationally, provincially or on a selection of municipalities of your choice. Services like this allow you to connect with an audience that is genuinely interested in your brand's products or services, get the maximum attention of potential customers and increase conversions to achieve your company's goals.