How to automatically activate dark mode on Android at sunset

With Android 10, the dark theme has arrived on the green robot's smartphones. Here's what you need to do to activate it from dusk to dawn

Among the many new features of the Android 10 mobile operating system there's also the dark theme, the famous Dark Mode that Google has introduced by popular demand directly at the system level and no longer at the individual application level. It's a feature that is very appreciated by a large segment of users, while many others find it annoying and useless. Even those who appreciate it, however, find it inconvenient to have to activate it manually every time it is needed.

Also because, to have a convenient place to find the dark mode toggle, we have to customize the notification area: we have to press the pencil in the lower left corner, after dropping the whole curtain, find the dark theme icon and then we have to drag it up so that it enters the user visible area. Then, whenever we want to activate it, we need to open the notification area and tap on the icon. And then do the same thing when we want to disable it. Wouldn't it be much better if the dark mode would activate itself from dusk to dawn? Here's how to do it.

Auto Dark Mode on stock Android 10

Setting the auto dark mode that activates at sunset and deactivates at sunrise is possible, and also very easy, on the stock version of Android 10. The one on the Pixels, to be clear. Just go to Settings > Display > Dark theme > Schedule. Here we'll be able to choose between "None" and "Active from dusk to dawn".

Automatic dark mode on other Android 10 smartphones

As always, each smartphone manufacturer customizes the stock version of Android to a greater or lesser extent. On a Samsung phone with a One UI 2.0 and later, for example, to enable the automatic dark theme we have to go to Settings > Screen > Dark Mode Settings. Then we'll have to choose "Enable as scheduled" and finally "From sunset to sunrise". Otherwise, if we'd like to choose custom times to turn the dark mode on and off, we can set "Custom Schedule". For reasons that are not very understandable, however, Samsung asks us to grant permission to geolocate the user before letting us activate the automatic dark mode. Other smartphone manufacturers have other user interfaces that are slightly different, but in principle the steps you need to take to activate dark mode from dusk to dawn on Android are always similar to those described.