How to avoid being disturbed on social networks

Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and all the other social networks are fun platforms but sometimes users can annoy us. Here's how to defend ourselves

The Internet, and in particular social networks, have greatly reduced the distance between countries around the world. Keeping in touch with friends and relatives, even if they are far away, has never been so easy. The various social networks, however, are also a channel where we can be disturbed and searched by people we do not know. Let's see how to avoid it.

Socials as well as fun platforms are also digital places where dangers can hide. If we leave too much space to others we could be contacted by malicious people. Fortunately platforms such as Instagram, Facebook and Twitter have specific pages where to write a report and report users who annoy us. The first step to take is to limit the possibility of those who do not follow us to become our followers without our consent.

Contact Management

The first thing to address is the management of contacts. On Facebook it happens by default since before accepting a new friendship we receive a notification and we decide whether to approve the request or not. On platforms such as Instagram, however, it is advisable to set the private profile in order to avoid that harassers follow us and comment on our photos or write us unpleasant messages. On Facebook, however, those who do not know us can write us on Messenger. The conversations of non-friends can be found in the Other Messages folder. Of course it's not invasive, but if we want to prevent unfriendly people from provoking us, we can deactivate this folder directly from the Facebook Messenger settings. Or in a faster way just click on the profile of the unwanted person and decide to block him.

How to defend yourself from annoying people on Twitter

The management of messages on Twitter is a bit different. To search for a person you have to follow each other. Unless you have decided to set to be reachable by everyone. Also on the microblogging platform we can block annoying people directly by clicking on their profile. And we can decide to mute them in our timeline too. They will continue to insult or provoke us but neither we nor other users will see these gratuitous nastiness. A similar function is also present on Instagram. Where you can block comments under some photos or decide to directly block the person who is annoying us. When we block a person will not be able to send us even a direct message. In addition, it is advisable to set the Stories visible only to friends, to prevent strangers from writing or making unkind remarks.

Watch what you share

It is very important to always remember that social networks are dangerous platforms that can affect our security and our privacy. Obviously only if used in the wrong way. That's why we avoid sharing too personal information. And even location. It is preferable not to report the right address of home or work and indicate to everyone in which park you go running in the evening. Finally, if we don't want to be found by some colleagues or new friends on the Net, platforms like Facebook and Twitter allow you to disable the search by email and phone number.