How to avoid opening ads in iOS apps and games

When we play on the smartphone or use an app the ads can create several problems, here's how to solve them using the iPhone login wizard

Many iPhone and iPad games include ads, in the form of banners, that take up most of the screen. Accidentally clicking on these ads is very easy. The consequence is that we will be redirected to a new page and will exit the game.

If we are not going to install the paid version without ads there are some little tricks we can put into practice to avoid opening other sites or the application store while we are playing. In order to do this, we must first enable guided access. This is a very effective feature that can restrict access to one or more apps to your iOS device and can even disable access to certain areas of the screen. To enable Guided Access the first thing we need to do is to take the iPhone, or iPad, and go to Settings.

Once in the settings we need to click on the section called General, and then press on the word Accessibility. At this point in the new tab that will open click on Guided Access. At this point we will have to set a personalized access code. We enter the PIN and confirm the operation. If we have an iPhone with a fingerprint scanner, we can use our finger to enable this feature.

How to use Guided Access

To use Guided Access, open the game we prefer. Quickly press the "Home" button  three times in a row and at this point the "Guided Access" screen will appear. All we have to do is click on the "Start" item visible in the upper right corner of the screen. Once this is done, the function will be active on that particular video game. This means that even if we accidentally click on an ad, we won't open any other page.

Disable areas of the screen

But not all ads in games are the same. Some work differently. They may, for example, take up the space of an entire part of the screen and, when we click on them, they may open a pop-up window that blocks our game and plays a video or displays another unwanted image. In order not to suffer the insistence of these ads, we just have to disable some parts of the screen with the access wizard. To do this we have to press the "Home" button three times and then, from the interface that opens, draw a circle around the area of the screen that we want to disable the touchscreen during the game phase. Save the settings and you're done. If we click on the ad area, we won't open any videos or other sites.