How to back up your life on Facebook

In order not to risk losing all the pictures and videos posted on Facebook, it is important to periodically make a backup. Here's how to do it

Without even realizing it, every day, between photos, posts, videos, we upload hundreds of personal information on the network. Data that partly represent our life and that we would hardly want to lose. And if, instead, for one reason or another, they should vanish into thin air? It would be a big problem.

Think, for example, of the files stored on Facebook: pictures, videos and all the best moments spent with friends. But a server failure can make us say goodbye to years of information. What if for some reason our account is no longer reachable? It often happens, in fact, not to remember the login credentials and be cut off from your profile. In these cases, it is important to act in advance, making a backup of all the content on Facebook. It will take just a few minutes to have all the posts uploaded to the social network available offline on your computer.

How to backup your data on Facebook

Backing up your personal Facebook data is very simple. It is enough, in fact, to go to the general settings of the account. At the bottom, we will find the item "Download a copy of your Facebook data". We will receive in the email box connected to the social network a zipper file that contains everything we have shared on our profile: photos, posts, images and videos. But that's not all. Besides the data stored in our Facebook profile, we can also download those of individual pages. To back up Facebook pages, just go to the page settings and click on "Page download". At the end, we will receive on the email a zipper file in which everything we have published on the page will be saved.