How to backup Android photos, contacts and SMS

To make the Android backup we can use ad hoc applications or services developed by Google and already present on the smartphone

We are about to sell the old Android smartphone or we need to free up some memory space. The solution is only one: make a backup. In this way we'll save photos, SMS and contact list to find them later and be able to use them again. And we'll also improve our computer security.

On smartphones with Android operating system there are many solutions to make a backup. The easiest choice is to use a third-party application created especially for this task. One of the best applications is App Backup Restore - Personal Contact Backup by Apex Apps. One of the most useful tools of this app is that it can upload a backup copy of the apps you had downloaded to Google Drive. In practice, this way we can save elsewhere those apps that take up a lot of space and that we rarely use without losing the data saved in them.

Backup Photos

So far we've seen a service for saving our apps with a backup. But can we do the same with the thousands of photos in our Gallery? The answer is yes. In this case the application to use is Google Photos. This is a free program, created as you can guess from its name by Google, that allows you to save photos and videos in the cloud. The only thing we have to do is download the app from the Play Store and register.

Backup Contacts

On Android smartphones you can also back up messages, call logs and contact lists. To do so, let's rely on App Backup Restore - Personal Contact Backup. Yes, the same one we also used for applications. Among other options, this program also allows us to save in the cloud the SMS, the call list and all the contacts in the address book.

Backup Whatsapp

On Android you can also backup your conversations on the WhatsApp app. Doing so is very easy because Facebook's messaging app has a built-in mechanism for backing up chats. To make the backup we go to Settings, then Chat and here we click on Backup. At this point we can choose whether to backup to Google Drive on a daily, weekly, monthly or on-demand basis.