How to block nuisance calls and messages on iPhone

Blocking calls and messages received from nuisance on iPhone is very simple. Here's how to do it in seconds

Blocking phone calls from nuisance (friends, former colleagues and especially call centers) is one of the most useful features on smartphones. Apple introduced many years ago a system on the iPhone that allows you to blacklist all phone numbers and email addresses of people and companies. On the Cupertino company's smartphone you can block a contact from different applications: from the Phone where you make calls, FaceTime, Messages and Mail.

The procedure to follow is very similar in all four cases, but the steps to follow are specific. Nothing impossible or too complicated: in a few seconds you can block a contact on your iPhone and you will no longer receive his calls, message or email. The process is not irreversible: in case you need to receive a phone call from a blocked contact, you will be able to remove him from the black list at any time.

How to block a person's calls on the iPhone

Do you constantly receive calls from nuisance callers and call centers? Blocking the phone number of specific contacts on iPhone is very simple. There are two ways: via the Phone app or on FaceTime. Let's see how to do it.

From the Phone app, you need to press on the Recents section, then tap on the "i" icon next to the phone number or contact you want to block. Now scroll down the screen to the bottom and tap Block Contact. This will put the number on a black list and you won't be disturbed anymore.

If, on the other hand, you need to block a contact on FaceTime, you need to open the app, press the "i" icon next to the number, scroll to the bottom and press the "Block Contact" item. The end result is always the same: the number will no longer be able to call you, nor send you messages.

How to block SMS reception on iPhone

If instead of phone calls, annoying people and call centers storm you with messages, you can block SMS reception. To do so, you have to go into the Messages app, enter the chat and tap the contact present at the beginning of the conversation. Then tap on "i" and then on the contact's name or phone number. Scroll to the end of the screen and tap on "Block Contact".

How to Block Email Addresses on iPhone

The same procedure works for email addresses as well. To block an email address, you need to open the Mail app, select the message containing the box you want to block and tap the contact at the top. Then select the "Block Contact" item.

What happens when you block a contact on the "iPhone

What's involved in putting a phone number or email address on the iPhone's black list? The contact will no longer be able to call you, but only leave you voicemail messages, but you will never receive a notification. Messages received by these numbers will never be delivered. As for emails, they will automatically end up in the trash.

How to manage blocked contacts on iPhone

You can manage your list of blocked contacts at any time. Depending on the app, you can control who we have blocked. On the Phone app, for example, you have to access the "Mute Call and Blocked Contacts" section, while on Mail you can access the "Blocked Contacts" section. At any time you can remove numbers and contacts from this list and return to receiving calls, messages and emails.