How to block sites on Safari with IPhone and iPad

To protect the little ones from dangerous and unsuitable content you need to change some settings on Safari: here's how to do it

The Net is full of dangers, especially for the little ones. From an early age, people start surfing the Internet in search of games and videos of their favorite cartoons. Smartphones, tablets, computers, it makes no difference, digital natives have no problem adapting to any type of device and software.

Prohibiting their children from using it is useless: just go to a friend and the ban is circumvented. But you can't leave full access to any website either: many hide content that isn't suitable for your children. On iPhone and iPad, for example, you can change some settings on Safari (the browser developed by Apple) to limit access to some sites that show adult or too violent content. For example, you can create a black list of websites that your children can't access. Here's how to do it.

How to restrict adult content on Safari with iPhone and iPad

If you want to make sure that your children don't enter websites that show adult content, you need to enable the setting present by default on iOS devices that blocks the opening of these portals. First you need to go into Settings and then press on General. At this point of must tap on the "Restrictions" item and enable the feature. Then the device will ask you to enter a numeric code to access inside this section. Our advice is not to share it with your children. Once you are inside "Restrictions" you will have to tick "Restrict adult content".

How to block access to a specific site on Safari

If you don't think it is enough to restrict only adult content, Safari offers you the possibility to block access to individual websites as well. If you have noticed that the website your children usually visit shows content that is not suitable for them, you can add it to a black list. The procedure to follow is very similar to the previous one. First you need to go to Settings, click on General and then on Restrictions. At this point you'll be asked for the code to access the section. Once in Restrictions, you'll need to press on Websites. First check to see if there is a check mark next to "Restrict adult content" and then click on "Add a website" under "Never allow". At this point a screen should open up offering you the option to add the URL of the website you want to block. Pressing "Finish" the website will be added to the black list and your children will not be able to access it.

How to block access to all websites on Safari and create a white list

If you don't trust the websites your children might see while surfing on their iPhone and iPad, the only solution is to block access to all Internet portals and create a white list of safe sites. The procedure to follow is very simple: after entering the Settings, you must press on General and then on Restrictions. At this point the device will ask you to enter the password. Once inside the section you have to press on "Websites". In the screen that will open you have to put the check next to the item "Specific websites only". By clicking on "Add a website" under the heading "Always allow" you will be able to add the URL of the sites that your children can visit. You will create a white list of safe sites to visit with the IPhone and IPad.