How to book exams and medical visits online in just a few clicks

Digital simplifies life: here's how to book exams and medical visits online in 1 minute.

From being a necessary ally to carry out our activities safely during health emergencies, digital has become the channel that allows us to simplify many of our daily actions and has radically changed the way we live. Online purchases and reservations have increased right around the time of Covid and have now become a habit. Healthcare is no exception and it is in this context that PagineBianche Salute, the portal launched by Italiaonline for online booking of exams and medical appointments in just a few clicks, is inserted.

The healthcare sector is among those that must adapt most quickly to this context in order to make the service even more streamlined and efficient in the face of a progressively aging population (in 2050, the over-60s will make up 35.6% of the population compared to 21.8% in 2015) and an increase in chronic diseases that affect about 80% of pathologies.

Digitization was a trend already underway and has undergone a sharp acceleration during the pandemic. According to data provided by the Milan Polytechnic, in Italy 48% of patients look for a doctor online and 23% directly book a visit. PagineBianche Salute responds to this demand and presents itself as a true marketplace for health and prevention where it is possible to book and pay for medical services online at the best hospitals in the city (read the interview with CEO Sabrina Vinella).

Which exams and medical visits can I book

On PagineBianche Salute it is possible to book 500 medical services at the hospitals in the area. The choice ranges across 32 specializations, including cardiology, urology, orthopedics and gynecology, and includes both specialist visits and diagnostic tests such as X-rays, MRIs, endoscopies and CT scans.

Online booking, the step-by-step guide

By connecting to the PagineBianche Salute portal, you can choose whether to start with the healthcare facility, the specialization, or by searching for the specific exam or visit if you have a clear idea of the healthcare service that interests you. It is also possible to filter according to the type of insurance agreement.

Once you have chosen the service, the facility and the date of the appointment, just click on "Book" and follow the instructions. The process is very intuitive and quick, like a normal online purchase.

During the booking, the system provides all the information related to the chosen service and warns in case a doctor's prescription is needed. All this information is also sent via e-mail and can be consulted at any time within the personal area. In other words, PagineBianche Salute provides all the information that we might ask for during a phone reservation and does so quickly and easily.