How to build a home 3D printer for less than $50

CD/DVD players and other old components you can find around the house can come in handy when building a 3D printer

When you hear or read the word 3D printing, you immediately think of complicated, bulky and expensive tools. That's partly true, mostly on the economic side, but it's not always the case.

The prices of 3D printers have dropped dramatically over the years. Although most are still not affordable. The average cost of a good printer is between $300 and $500. So what can you do to get a 3D printer at home? There is a solution and it could be to resort to the expensive and always useful do-it-yourself. Building a 3D printer isn't within everyone's reach, of course, but with the help of a few tips and tricks, it's possible to build one at home without spending a fortune.

Building a 3D Printer: The Know-How

According to some calculations, with a maximum budget of between 50 and 60 euros, it would be possible to build a 3D printer. An element that certainly can not, and should not be missing, is the passion. Passion that, as mentioned, must be accompanied by a minimum of knowledge of the subject. Without the right know-how, developing a 3D printer would be truly impossible. First and foremost, you need a general understanding of how CNC systems work, the numerical control machines used in factories.

Recycle old PCs

And then it's critical to understand how to assemble the various pieces. Pieces that don't always have to be purchased. Some of them, in fact, can be recovered even at home. To save money it is, therefore, important to resort to recycling, otherwise the cost would rise a lot. The components of old computers can come in handy, such as the motors contained in CD/DVD players and those in the now prehistoric Floppy Discs. A similar argument applies to power cables. On average, you could recover nearly 80% of the parts.

Use Free Software

An important role is played by the software you need to control your homemade 3D printer, which can be downloaded for free from the internet. In the end you will have a 3D printer that can make small parts. Certainly not like the professional ones, but still useful and above all spending little money.

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